Callout for Edinburgh Fringe shows with Arts Award alumni

We are proud to have such a formidable presence at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a constant run of reviews written by young people for young people for a substantial chunk of the festival.

Callout for Edinburgh Fringe shows with Arts Award alumni

Now, we want to unify Voice's successful reviewing of the Edinburgh Fringe with Arts Award on Voice's outreach to Arts Award Alumni by inviting shows that have one or more Arts Award alumnus in its production to connect with us.

On Arts Award on Voice, we have a 'Where Are They Now?' feature that we use to highlight the creative lives they've led since completing their last Award. We ask that the person to hold an Arts Award be willing to be featured on Arts Award on Voice and it allows the individual to give young people currently doing their Awards some advice and the chance to brag about the work they're doing, too.

Furthermore, if schedules allow, we could feature the production in an interview on Voice magazine during the Fringe.

Finally, we offer a discount on advertising space across the whole website for Edinburgh Fringe shows with an involvement in Arts Award. More information about the offer of advertising space on Voice.

In the last year we averaged 14,804 visits per month.

During Edinburgh Fringe 2016 we totalled 28,861 visits.

We run a Google Ad Campaign during Edinburgh Fringe, which attracts 8,000+ new visitors to Voice during the Fringe who search for fringe news and tickets.

Our readership is made up of 35% 18-24 year olds / 30% 25-34 year olds / 14% 35-44 year olds

Terms and conditions:

We would require proof of the Arts Award. This could be one of the following:

  1. A copy of the Arts Award certificate
  2. A reference from your Arts Award Adviser, with their Adviser details

Young Pleasance is an Arts Award Supporter. You can see their profile here.


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Bhavesh Jadva Voice Team

Bhav loves films and TV too much. As Voice's Media Editor, his writing on Voice is geared towards film and TV but as Arts Award Editor you'll mostly hear from him through Arts Award on Voice. Other than film and TV he takes a crack at writing about lots but holds a special place for music and comedy. Currently watching:
Master of None, Mad Men, Top Of The Lake, Handmaid's Tale.

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