Emerge(ncy) Party: calling all young artists

If you're a young artist, get involved in this new art movement.

Emerge(ncy) Party: calling all young artists

If you are aged 12 to 18, are interested in making art, theatre, music, film, community organising or simply have something to say during this crisis, the Emerge(ncy) Party would like you to join them. 

Emerge(ncy) Party aims to give young artists a voice in this crisis: to protest, to share and to celebrate. This is an opportunity to imagine and explore a better future alongside other young artists.

Over the course of 15 weeks, via weekly Zoom sessions and independent work, participants will offer a series of creative responses to the situation we find ourselves in and together we will re-imagine a world outside of the lockdown. 

Emerge(ncy) Party will culminate in a series of celebratory gatherings, hosted by young people, enabling local communities to come together again after isolation. 

To sign up, visit this link. If you're after more information, click here.


Sienna James

Sienna James Assistant Editor

Sienna is the Voice Assistant Editor and author of the Creative Education series. A de-caf coconut-milk latte gal who spends most of her time in Cambridge cafes, Sienna is currently on a gap year before studying History of Art at the University of Cambridge.

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