My drawing of Art from Monster's University

Art was my favourite character from Monsters University and I wanted to learn how to draw him.

My drawing of Art from Monster's University

Here is a picture of my artwork created using Procreate on the iPad.

I used Procreate, because it is easier to create more art effects, when you haven’t got the resources at home. I like the choice of brush effects and the textures the different layers can create. 

At the start of the video the artist drew lines on the face in a cross. I drew them in bold, thinking they were part of the finished art, but actually they were guides to help me get the right proportions of the face and get the eyes in the right place. I would try and use this technique again for other figures I will draw.

This tutorial went into some detail about how to create the fur texture on Art. However, I didn’t think my finished art looked very furry. I would like to practice working with different brush effects on Pro Create to see if I could create a more realistic fur effect. 

I liked the background given in the tutorial, but decide to add more to it. I added bubbles and sparkles to make the background more dynamic and vivid. 

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  • Artsy Girl

    On 22 April 2020, 11:34 Artsy Girl commented:

    Very good artwork procreate is a great recource! Check my poetry on my profile.

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