NEW! Dorset Printmaker registered as an Arts Award Supporter.

If you are working towards your Gold Award and looking to collaborate with an arts practitioner to learn new skills and develop new work, why not consider joining Genevieve Lavers in her picturesque Dorset studio for a bespoke printmaking workshop?

NEW! Dorset Printmaker registered as an Arts Award Supporter.

Genevieve specialises in collagraphy. This is a lesser known type of printmaking that uses textural materials glued onto a card base to form a printing plate (sometimes referred to as mixed media printmaking). Ink is applied to this plate using the "intaglio technique" of rubbing into the crevices and polishing off the surface. It is a safe and flexible type of printmaking that relies heavily on experimentation and imagination, and the results are always surprising! Genevieve's two-day workshop is advertised on or you can contact her via her website

The benefits of booking a "bespoke" workshop is that you have the opportunity to learn a skill from an arts practitioner in her own studio, and Genevieve will adapt the workshop to suit your particular inspirations and requirements, to ensure you meet the criteria for the Arts Award qualification. In this relaxed environment you produce a greater quantity of work at a much higher quality because you are getting individual support using the artist's own professional-grade materials. If you are under 18, please bring an adult and a special discounted rate is applied. You book the workshop (two separate days of 5 hours each) to suit you. These two sessions can be a week apart, or over two consecutive days e.g. a weekend. It's up to you!

Genevieve is a qualified teacher with many years' experience working in Dorset schools, also with learners who have diverse learning abilities.

"My daughter was attending the workshop as part of the work she was doing for the gold level Arts Award (Trinity), and Genny had clearly researched what needed to be covered during the workshop in readiness for our arrival. She, very successfully, managed to teach and support my daughter, and inspired her to merge the skills she had learnt with the ceramics she already produces. Thank you very much!"


Genevieve Lavers

Genevieve Lavers Supporter

I have been a Fine Art Printmaker specialising in collagraphy and monoprinting for 10+ years. I also teach bespoke workshops in my home studio in Dorset. Collagraphy uses a handmade printing plate built with textural materials glued onto a base of thin board. A print is produced by applying ink to the plate by hand, then passing it under the roller on my large intaglio printing press. It's fun, and the results are always surprising! Formerly trained as a linguist, and also a qualified secondary school teacher, my interest in Chinese language and culture is currently the principal inspiration for my printmaking. Having discovered that creativity suits me best, I have been a full-time printmaker since 2014.


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