Anthos Young Company; 'A Modern-Hamlet' project! (Exeter based acting workshops for young performers 12-18)

Do you like acting? Want a chance to gain experience working as part of a fantastic cast and have the chance to perform at a professional theatre venue? Then join the Anthos Young Company this term and create our brand new show to be performed at the Cygnet theatre this Christmas, and a theatre festival next year!

Anthos Young Company; 'A Modern-Hamlet' project! (Exeter based acting workshops for young performers 12-18)

This term our fantastic young company group for performers age 12-18 is going to be working with the story of Shakespeare's Hamlet and using the themes to create an entierly new show! Across the course of the term participants will have the opportunity to recive professional actin...g and Shakespeare training, as well as the chance to use physical theatre, devising and scriptwriting to create the performance.

Everyone will have the opportunity to complete their Arts Award Explore or Bronze level, a nationally recognised qualification which rewards creativity and imagination. Rehearsals for the show will take place Thursday evenings from 6-8pm at the White House Building, New North Road, Exeter, EX4 4LA. The term has just started but there are still spaces left for people to join in! Sessions will run every Thursday until 14th December, with the final performance taking place on Saturday the 16th December at the fabulous Cygnet Theatre!

Our weekly sessions cost £6.50 (or £8 with the optional Arts Award), which covers the cost of space and venue hire and moderating the award. To get involved please email Jake ( or visit our website and download an application form.


Anthos Arts

Anthos Arts

At the centre of Anthos Arts is the term ‘accessible’. This is not just for the work we intend to create, but also for the participants we wish to recruit; funding enables us to pay for those who may find themselves financially or geographically isolated and who would usually struggle to access similar ventures.

Anthos Arts looks to discover the potential of young imaginations, guiding the group in a creative, expressive process, probing questions about what it means to be a young person in Devon. The project Anthos creates build confidence and healthy esteem by developing self-identities, in a safe, local and nurturing environment.

Further, Anthos Arts utilises the Arts Award template so that the facilitator may award its members with a National Qualification at the end of the process, after the final performance. This award can be for the Bronze or Silver qualification and is a highly regarded certificate that is recognisable by Higher Education/Further Education and employers.

Performing physical theatre gives performers the opportunity to use and combine many techniques; to express themselves, not solely through acting or dance, but through a diverse range of art forms.

Creating the performance, Anthos will guide the group through:

•Acting and Improvisation

•Physical Theatre and Dance

•Social Engaged Arts and Creative Writing

•Ways of Applying Theatre into the Community

This is a multi-layered company that asks groups to push barriers, think independently, work as a community, learn new skills, and - above all – have fun

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