Let Loose 2016

A collaborative project created entirely by young people to raise awareness of social issues that affect the youth.

Let Loose 2016

It is open to any individual between 16-25 from London, with an artistic talent or skill, or simply interested in learning something new.

The project involves creating works for a showcase of arts and performance, to be launched in the summer. Each piece will be focused around a specific social issue, including mental health, the pursuit of happiness and the distortion of religion.

Getting involved could bring you new friends, work experience, or just be something to put in a portfolio or CV!

Sign up now at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/let-loose-2016-tickets-20705230903

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Neha Lakhanpaul

Neha Lakhanpaul Activist

19. Law student. Dance and art. London. Twitter: @NehaOldSoul Instagram: @nkl96For me art is an opportunity, a way to express and be heard, a chance to make a change.

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