J.K. Rowling and Hillary Mantel support auction for a global vaccine rollout

The fundraiser aims to raise money to help vaccinate the world against Covid-19 using signed novels and mentoring sessions with star agents, among other lots.

J.K. Rowling and Hillary Mantel support auction for a global vaccine rollout

Books for Vaccines’, is a volunteer-run charity auction to raise money for Care International, who in turn are raising funds to help vaccinate the world against the Covid-19 pandemic. High targets have been reached as £23,000 has been raised so far. 

A personal consultation with literary agent Jonny Geller reached a bid of £1,000, a signed box set of the Wolf Hall trilogy, with handwritten first sentences from Hillary Mantel topped £600 and a signed first edition of a Robert Galbraith novel, signed with J.K. Rowling’s pseudonym has been donated. It is evident that people are interested in both the cause and the items on offer. 

21 May is the end of the auction, but before then there are various prizes up for grabs including the chance to have a character named after you in the next novel by Sarah Pinborough, author of the Netflix hit Behind Her Eyes, a signed copy of Marian Keyes’s novel Grown Ups, and the chance to write the dedication at the front of Jill Mansell’s new novel.

The initiative launched by Phoebe Morgan, will see all money raised given to Care International, a charity working to tackle vaccine inequality in poorer nations.

“The situation in India is particularly heartbreaking and the inequality of the vaccine rollout is incredibly unfair,” said publisher and thriller author Phoebe Morgan.

Morgan, who is offering an editorial critique of the first 10,000 words of a novel, said she was “so delighted by the way the publishing industry has responded”. 

Bidding will remain open until midnight on 21 May.

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