H&M offers free suit rental for job interviews

With their initiative One/Second/Suit, clothing retailer H&M are now offering a 24-hour free men’s suit rental for job interviews. 

H&M offers free suit rental for job interviews

Through the H&M website, you can reserve a suit for 24 hours and have it delivered to your door free of charge. This includes a jacket, a matching pair of trousers, a shirt, tie and handkerchief to style in a range of sizes. After wearing it, the suit must be returned to one of H&M’s stores and late returns will cost £50, which will be donated to charity. Any major damage to the clothing will cost the full retail price of the suit, which is valued at £117. 

The programme is in collaboration with London-based Uncommon Creative Studio, and a promotional film has been released to accompany the initiative with the tagline “A first impression is made in less than a second”. H&M have also provided interview tips on their website, which include punctuality, knowing your interviewer’s name and preparing opinions on the company you’re interviewing with. 

Studies have shown that outward appearances are vital in hiring decisions. One survey confirms that 75% of interviewers said dressing stylishly matters at their company and affects their assessment of job applicants. Dressing professionally can make the difference between getting accepted or rejected for your dream job, and H&M is bridging this gap for those who can’t afford to invest in buying their own suit. 

Header Image Credit: Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash


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