Yahoo! Answers to close down

A relic of an internet far different from the one we use today, Yahoo! Answers is to be permanently closed on 4 May 2021. 

Yahoo! Answers to close down

The Yahoo! Answers homepage now features a banner detailing its termination, and countless posts from users lamenting the loss of the site, demonstrating that there are still loyal users even in 2021. It will remain in read-only mode after submissions end on 20 April , and will thereafter redirect to the Yahoo! homepage. 

The question and answer resource for the public was created in 2005. Since then, the platform and Yahoo! in general have been steadily declining in popularity, even after being purchased by VerizonMediaGroup in 2017 for $5 billion. Commentators have attributed this to the domination of Google (which maintains a 92% market share of the search engine market) and Yahoo!’s relative lack of direction as a company, despite being an early pioneer of the web from 1994 onwards.

With its outlandish questions and frequent funny misspellings, Yahoo! Answers has been cemented in internet meme history. My personal favourite question is “Are pokemon real I want to know? ? [sic] I saw a bulbasaur once but it might have been lettuce but are they?” Buzzfeed has compiled a list of its funniest posts here

Yahoo! Answers and its community will be missed by nostalgic internet users.


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