‘On the side of the Web’ Screening at MozFest

Digital Grassroots a youth- led organisation screens their short film ‘On this Side of The Web’ at this year's first virtual MozFest.  

‘On the side of the Web’ Screening at MozFest

Mozilla Festival (colloquially known as MozFest) is an art, tech and society festival, and prides itself on bridging the gap so that these things are accessible to all. 

The young-led organisation Digital Grassroots are very aligned in that regard, and their core ethos “of care, intention, collaboration, open leadership and equity” has led to a new short film called 'On this Side of The Web. 

This short film portrays key barriers to digital inclusion for young people and marginalized groups. Raising awareness that not everyone can afford the internet is important, as is understanding that language barriers or a lack of skills all contribute to silencing an array of people across the world. 

The film will be featured as a part of the Global Culture and Heritage Space and holds the simple message: “The Internet is for Everyone. The core Internet Invariants, such as those highlighted by the Internet Society, need to be put into practice,” as stated by MozFest Ambassador Esther Mwema. 

For more information check out https://www.mozillafestival.org/en/ 

Header Image Credit: Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


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