Discover! Creative Careers Week 2021

Get involved with Discover! Creative Careers week from 1 - 5 March to unlock all that the creative industries have to offer!

Discover! Creative Careers Week 2021

The creative industries can often seem mysterious and inaccessible to outsiders, and can be unfairly dismissed by those who think creative careers aren’t worth pursuing. These are precisely the detrimental myths Discover! Creative Careers week aims to bust. Funded by Arts Council England, this online programme has rounded up leading figures and companies such as Ubisoft, Dr Martens, the National Trust and more to help you discover your creative path. 

During Covid-19, helping young people access creative employment opportunities has become more vital than ever. Darren Henley, the CEO of Arts Council England, affirms that ‘It’s more important than ever to support and nurture the next generation of creative talent, whose lives have been turned upside down this past year. 

This year’s Discover! Creative Careers Week will help develop new pathways into the creative industries. The innovative digital programme will connect thousands of students with inspiring figures and employers, highlighting the wide range of skills needed to help the sector recover from Covid-19 and the varied opportunities that exist across the creative industries.’

750 schools have signed up, showing the demand for insider information and guidance when it comes to creative careers. There is more than enough space to accommodate this demand, as the UK’s creative jobs account for 2.2 million nationwide, and 1 in 9 UK businesses are creative. 

Covid-19 isn’t the only barrier when trying to find a job in the creative industry. This campaign also aims to tackle extensive socio-economic disparities in the creative industries. Discover! Creative Careers Week works towards breaking down these barriers and ensuring young people from all backgrounds feel excited by the prospect of a creative career, and are given the tools to follow their passions. 

You can follow the campaign on Twitter @CreativeCareer5, and you can find all of the programme’s resources here.

Header Image Credit: Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash


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