ScreenSkills offering training for creatives

ScreenSkills has a range of opportunities for creatives exploring the film and TV industry

ScreenSkills offering training for creatives

ScreenSkills are offering a plethora of online masterclasses, daily workshops and interviews with arts professionals which you'll be able to find over on their website

If you're looking to upskill your career, explore the free online courses by the TV Skills Fund. ScreenSkills ITD is also offering free online training sessions with topics such as script-writing and spot coaching being covered. You can also join in with yoga and discussions around mental health. 

Perhaps during this time you're mentoring students, or are considering looking for a mentor. Get informed with two free e-learning modules surrounding the topic of mentorships.

You can find out more and search for opportunities aplenty on the ScreenSkills website

Header Image Credit: Donald via Pexels


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