Conservative Party wins majority in general election

Boris Johnson secures enough votes to form a government following a divisive campaign

Conservative Party wins majority in general election

Boris Johnson has won the general election with an outright majority, meaning the Conservative Party will be able to form a government. 

The win marks the end of a bitter campaign that was notable for the levels of misinformation and focus on Brexit. 

The Conservatives secured 364 seats, an increase of 66, largely at the expense of the Labour, who saw voters flee across the country, but specifically in the northern heartlands. Some of the 66 gains though will be as a result of the Conservatives winning the seats of the former Conservative MPs who were sacked by Boris in September.

In Scotland, the SNP gave a strong performance, with 48 seats, an increase of 13 over 2017.

The Liberal Democrats, whose campaign struggled to find momentum, saw had a difficult night, losing 10 seats to be left with just 11, and Jo Swinson losing her East Dunbartonshire seat to the SNP. 

The Brexit Party, the new entrants to British politics under the leadership of Nigel Farage, failed to make any headway and didn’t win a single seat. However, it is likely they made an impact on the result, as Farage stood down hundreds of candidates in Conservative safe seats before the election so as to not split the Brexit vote.

The Conservatives won on a manifesto predominantly centred around getting Brexit done by January. 

At the time of writing one seat is still undeclared. 

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