Voice’s Best Newcomer to Brighton Fringe 2018: HIDDEN TRACK

Hidden Track take home the award for their gripping and interactive show on social mobility and class.

Voice’s Best Newcomer to Brighton Fringe 2018: HIDDEN TRACK

We are proud to announce that the award for Voice’s Best Newcomer to Brighton Fringe Award 2018 goes to Hidden Track for their interactive play, Standard:Elite

The show was praised for its clever division of the audience to emphasise its underlying topic of class division, and discussing the value of such segregation. Privilege is not always deserved or earned, and that is what this show conveys. 

We can’t say too much about the plot for fear of spoilers, but the story throughout was made accessible with a wealth of creative and funny characters, splendid use of voiceover and excellent but respectful audience participation.

5c5cd6fac11e7628a08393cac0e23a8d7b525752.jpgAnoushka Bonwick accepting the award - Photo: James Bellorini 

Speaking to Brighton Fringe after the ceremony, Anoushka Bonwick of Hidden Track, said she was ‘very shellshocked.’ 

“I didn’t really think about the fact that I’d have to do a speech, I’m quite overwhelmed.”

Artistic Director Elliot Hughes said:

I feel humbled, shocked, and so incredibly grateful that we've had such an amazing reception.

When we first created this show, the discussion around class disparity in the arts was nowhere near developed as it is now. Venues would never ask about class identity in their stats; the Arts Council didn't talk about it as a protected characteristic; it simply wasn't a part of the diversity debate. And we were making a little show on a shoestring budget in a room above a pub.

Now it feels like we're part of a movement. As more artists speak about about class representation in the arts, and more studies come out showing the depths of the problem in our industry. The show has grown and grown, and the overwhelming support we've received feels like vindication and acceptance of a new kind of theatre. We want to make work that takes risks, champions the vulnerable, and is accessible to anyone, not just typical theatre audiences.

We hope that winning this award will show people that there is space and an audience for a new kind of work. This year, a major arts industry report asked "Where are all the working class people?". Well, the answer is, we're here. There might not be as many of us, a lot of us are being driven out of the industry by huge financial and social barriers; but a lot of us are still here. We're still fighting, we're still creating, and you can find us if you look for us.

It feels like we're really on the verge of something. Thanks so much to Voice Magazine, to all the amazing artists at the Brighton Fringe, and to the wonderful people of Brighton for this support.

Nominated to the final shortlist for the award was:

  • Fix My Brain - Two Surnames
  • Lippy - Word of Mouth Theatre
  • Standard:Elite - Hidden Track [Winner]

Keep checking back as we will have interviews and more news from the ceremony in due course!

You can read Amy-Louise’s review of Standard:Elite here.


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