Funding for 2018-2022 NPO's announced

Arts Council England have announced the 831 organisations that will receive four years of direct funding

Funding for 2018-2022 NPO's announced

Arts Council England has announced the 2018-22 National Portfolio Organisations, which for the first time includes libraries and and museums.

831 organisations have been successful in their applications to become part of the National Portfolio, including 183 new organisations. £1.6bn will be available over four years for 844 projects.

Of the new organisations to join the portfolio, the four largest are: Arts & Heritage (PHC) Plymouth City Council, Without Walls, One Dance UK and The Audience Agency.

Organisations outside of London have seen the largest increase in investment since at least 2012, with 60.4% of all investment going to outside of the capital. This is an increase of 4% from 2015. In real terms that is a £170m injection of funding for organisations outside of London, an additional £42.5m each year.

Manchester International Festival saw the biggest % cash change from 2015 funding, with an increase of 1123%. MIF are to receive £38,166,536 over the course of four years. (NB: We are covering MIF for the first time this year, so do keep an eye out for that!)

Of the 183 new organisations, Arts Professional reports that 10 have been told their funding is at risk if they don't increase diversity across their projects. ACE declined to identify the prospective NPO's, but confirmed that nine were band 1 organisations, and set to receive 250k a year, and the tenth is band 2, set to receive up to £1m.

Speaking to Arts Professional, ACE Deputy Chief Executive for Arts and Culture Simon Mellor said:

"It's important to stress that 831 organisations have [this week] been offered provisional funding," Mellor told AP. "They now have to go through a funding negotiation with us. And one of the issues we'll be looking at, particularly with those ten, is whether their plans for going forward are sufficiently persuasive.

"At the moment we don't think they are. They need to address that and get better, and put in place plans that we're confident are much stronger on the Creative Case for Diversity."

The National Portfolio is comprised of organisations that receive regular funding from Arts Council, and represent some of the best arts practices in the world. The previous NPO's were funded for a period of three years, but this time they will be funded for four years.

A number of other changes have been made to the portfolio. For the first time, museums and libraries were able to apply, not just arts organisations. The portfolio has also been divided into four categories: bands 1, 2 and 3 (according to the amount of investment the organisation receives) and Sector Support Organisations.

Arts Council England livestreamed the whole press conference, which can be watched below.


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