Conservative Government reach £1bn deal with DUP

Theresa May finds support for her minority government.

Conservative Government reach £1bn deal with DUP

The Government have announced that a deal has been struck with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to offer a confidence and supply deal.

After the shock election result which saw the Conservative majority eroded, Theresa May has been left searching for support to prop up her minority Government.

The deal between the Conservatives and the DUP is a confidence and supply deal, which is different from a coalition. A coalition is where ministers from both parties come together to form a government, and agree on a joint programme. In contrast, this confidence and supply deal means the DUP have agreed to support the Conservatives in key votes such as the Budget, and defend them if a vote of no confidence is called. Such an agreement should stop the Conservative Government from being threatened by the opposition for the time being.

The DUP aren't tied to the Conservative party, and are free to vote against them in other policy matters.

However, it isn't a one-way deal, and the DUP are getting policy agreements and additional budget contributions for the next two years.

The £1bn in additional spending for Northern Ireland is comprised largely of infrastructure spending - an extra £400m over two years. The normal Northern Ireland budget is £1bn, so this is no small addition.

The York Street Interchange was also specifically mentioned, which is meant to ease congestion on three main roads to belfast meet. This is costed at roughly £150m. There is also £150m for ultra-fast broadband across the country, and £50m to "address immediate pressures".

With this deal in place the vote on the Queen's Speech scheduled for Thursday should pass without issue. This being said, Jeremy Corbyn has voiced his intention to add an amendment to the speech which would seek to scrap the 1% ceiling on public sector pay to be scrapped.

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