​Well, that happened…

Easter time!

​Well, that happened…

What a week! Where often one would have to scour the internet for ages to find news of relevance, it seems this week it's all happening at once!

I would write a long polemic about Trump, the M.O.A.B., North Korea, and Russia, but the news is already long enough. And we don't need that ruining our weekend.

So I'm going to belt up, wish you all a fantastic weekend, and then subtly hint that we have some super exciting news coming to you VERY SOON!



New report shows foreign states may have interfered in Brexit vote


Foreign governments such as Russia and China may have been involved in the collapse of voter registration in the lead up to the EU referendum, a new report details. The Commons public administration and constitutional affairs committee, who have released the report, has noted that Russia and China each have an approach to cyber-attacks and may therefore be responsible. Following several claims that Russia has been involved in influencing the recent presidential elections in France and the USA.

While this has no impact on the final decision for Brexit, the committee urges that a lesson must be learnt for future votes that will take place here in the UK.

Source: The Guardian

Edward Enninful appointed at Editor-in-Chief at British Vogue


Former model and globally renowned fashion editor, Edward Enninful has made headlines for being appointed the new Editor-in-Chief at British Vogue after previous Editor, Alexandra Shulman steps down after 25 years at the helm. He has worked his way up after working in fashion journalism at i-D, W magazine, British Vogue, US Vogue, and Italian Vogue. It's fair to say that he's well qualified.

His appointment is also important as he will be the first male Editor and the first Editor of colour in British Vogue's 101 years of publishing. Diversity in fashion has become a unique selling point for Ghana-born Enninful. In 2008, during his time at Italian Vogue, he hailed a "Black models only" issue of the magazine, a first in western fashion journalism and a move that was lauded the world over. He came up as a model with the likes of Kate Moss and long-time friend, Naomi Campbell. He took the journalism route after a while in front of the camera and has never looked back since. Editors generally come up from roles in features but moving from W in New York back to London is also a different move by Vogue.

Source: The Guardian

Photo: Rex

The Pulitzer Prizes 2017 are awarded

The most prestigious prizes in journalism and arts awards were awarded this week.

The Underground Railroad, written by Colson Whitehead, details a woman escaping slavery via a train system and won the Pulitzer prize for fiction. Playwright Lynn Nottage won a second Pulitzer for the drama Sweat, which revolves around factory workers facing job cuts.

Matthew Desmond's Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City won the nonfiction award, and Hisham Matar won the biography prize for The Return.

On the journalism side, the New York Daily News and ProPublica won the award for public service over their investigation into the nYPD evicting people from their homes. David A Fahrenthold of the Washington Post won the national reporting award over the Trump Foundation during the election. California East Bay Times got the breaking news prize over its overage for a fire that killed 36 people in an Oakland warehouse.

The criticism award went to Halton Als, the investigation award to Eric Eyre, and The New York Times received the international reporting award. Finally, the International Consortium of iNvestigative journalists, McClatchy and the Miami Herald got the explanatory reporting award for the work on the Panama Papers.

Source: The Guardian

"Have you met Julia?"


Making her broadcasting debut on April 10th, viewers meeting Julia for the first time will notice that she doesn't want to make eye contact with Big Bird and maybe she is a little different but soon her friends explain that Julia has autism and although she might not answer straight away, it helps to ask again. She loves to play and her friends love her very much.

Julia is joining Sesame Street for two episodes this season. "Sesame Street stands for inclusion and acceptance. That's a huge part of our DNA… So there wasn't resistance to bringing her to life on the broadcast. I think there was such enthusiasm." Sherrie Westin, Executive Vice President for Global Impact and Philanthropy at Sesame Workshop.

The goal is to break down misconceptions and encourage inclusion. With 1 in 68 children diagnosed with a form of Autism, Julia isn't so different and the hope is that her presence on Sesame Street will be a new yet familiar character to many viewers. The response from the autism community has been incredible, full of positivity and pride and we hope to a lot more of Julia!!

Source: Think Progress

Facebook launches fake news tool and tips to spot it

reaction trump donald trump fake news GIF

"There was serious voter fraud in Virginia" FAKE NEWS!

Barack Obama "founded ISIS." FAKE NEWS!

Have you heard about fake news? It's one of the many controversies that swirled around the election period in the US, and has since become a bit of a media buzzword. It basically details the spread of misinformation and false reports, and social media is a breeding ground for such things. Facebook is (finally) making an effort to combat this, by attempting to educate users on how to spot fake news. Over the next couple of days you should see a new box to the top of the News Feed that offers to give you 10 tips on how to spot fake news.

The pressure is definitely on for Facebook to deal with fake news. Germany last week approved a bill to fine social media networks up to €50m if they don't remove fake news quick enough.

Source: Business Insider UK

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child sweeps the Olivier Awards

J.K. Rowling and Jack Thorne's play about Harry Potter and his son won nine awards on the biggest night in British theatre held at the Royal Albert Hall. It won Best New Play, Best Actor for Jamie Parker who plays Harry, and Best Supporting Actress for Noma Dumezweni who plays Hermione, as well as almost all craft awards. Tim Minchin's place in British theatre has been set as he won the Best New Musical award for the stage adaptation of Groundhog Day and gave an uplifting acceptance speech. Another talking point came from the performance of And I Am Telling You by Amber Riley, who won the award for Best Actress in a Musical for playing Effie in Dreamgirls.

Sir Kenneth Branagh won the Special Award - formerly the Lifetime Achievement Award - and it was presented by Sir Mark Rylance and members of Branagh's theatre company from throughout the years. Billie Piper surprised by winning the Best Actress award for Yerma. Above all, Dumezweni's acceptance speech hit the right notes: "May 17, 1977, I arrived in this country as a refugee child. My sister and my mother... it is going to be 40 years that we are celebrating being in this country – family, it is all about family, being safe, being in your safe place."

Source: The Olivier Awards

Heads of Diversity appointed at the BFI and BBC

Meet the BBC's new Diversity Lead, Miranda Wayland.

In an attempt to broaden the diversity of the BBC, Miranda Wayland has been appointed the new role of Diversity Lead. Wayland joins BBC Studios from ITV, where she previously played a key role in influencing their diversity strategy.

Wayland has made further progress in the industry as a result of her involvement with Creative Diversity Network (CDN), Channel 4, Sky and various independent production companies.

The outline for the recent addition of Diversity Lead requires Wayland to run the BBC's diversity strategy and ensure that the programmes and staff consistently reflect and represent the UK. Wayland comments, "I'm really excited to be joining BBC studios at this significant time". Wayland begins her new job in the middle of April.

The BFI also appointed a Head of Diversity this week. Jennifer Smith will be responsible for leading on diversity and inclusion across all BFI activity — identified as key strategic priorities in the BFI2022 five year strategy. She will also work to foster working relationships with those in government and across the film and screen industries to make film in the UK more inclusive and representative.

Sources: The British Blacklist | BBC Media Centre

The line-up for the 70th Cannes Film Festival released


The official selection for the Cannes Film Festival has been announced, as the festival celebrates its 70th year of independent film.

Amongst the impressive list of independent screenings soon to surprise audiences, are the 18 films that make up the main competition, notably director Sophia Coppola's 'The Beguild', Yorgo Lanthimos 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' (following the success of last years 'The Lobster)' and Netflix produced 'Okja', a first for the Festival.

The notorious opening spot will be filled by Arnaud Desplechin's 'Ismael's Ghosts', followed by screenings of 49 films from 29 different countries.

The 70th Cannes Film Festival will take place from the 17th May and continue until the 28th May - no Hollywood studio movie in sight.

Source: Voice

Image: Flickr/robroylin

Rare minerals cause confusing conundrum for environmental conservation


Whilst exploring an underwater mountain located in the Atlantic Ocean, British scientists have discovered a high number of rare minerals. The discovery in the Canary Islands has presented "astonishingly rich rock" which contain fifty thousand times higher concentration or rare minerals than can be found on land.

These "rare earth elements" could be used for renewable energy and progress our protection of the earth. However, to find these minerals, we would need to mine the seabed. The main concern of deep-sea mining is the impact on the surrounding marine environment. With so many questions still surrounding the result of deep-sea mining, scientists believe although the rewards would be incredible, more research is required before any further steps can be taken.

Source: BBC News

Jude Law to play Albus Dumbledore in 'Fantastic Beasts 2'

movies harry potter tumblr dumbledore tumblin GIF

Jude Law has been announced as the most recent addition to the Harry Potter franchise, stepping into the role of young Albus Dumbledore in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel. The role has previously been played by Richard Harris and Michael Gambon as older incarnations of one of the wizarding world's most powerful sorcerers.

A box office hit, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them made over $800m worldwide in 2016. The sequel will be directed by David Yates once again, alongside another addition to the cast, Johnny Depp's Gellert Grindelwald.

In Potter's filmic past, we know Dumbledore as Hogwart's Headmaster, however in this adaption we will watch him further back in his career as a transfiguration professor.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 is set to be released 16th November 2018.

Source: The Guardian

Microsoft stops supporting Windows Vista


Long overdue, Windows has finally stopped support for the much maligned Windows Vista. Introduced in 2006, Vista was meant to bring in a new era of Windows, with a visual overhaul and a new file system. The visual overhaul was called Windows Aero, or Aero Glass, an introduced a new translucent aesthetic that ultimately performed poorly on older hardware, and hogged resources. It also introduced new annoying Digital Rights Management, and outright aggressive User Account Control prompts. While a total failure on Microsoft's front, it did lay the groundwork to the success that was Windows 7. So long Windows Vista, you won't be missed.

Source: The Telegraph

Noel Fielding caught up in 'blacking up' controversy


Noel Fielding has caused some controversy this week after being 'blacking up' for a photoshoot. The photograph is being sold through art dealer Hooligan Art, for £800. The picture, a sample of which shown above, sees Mighty Boosh star, and new presenter of GBBO with a black face, wearing a blond wig, and pearls.

Obviously, people aren't impressed.

Source: ShortList


Just watch.


Maddie Drury, Bhavesh Jadva and Gracie McCabe contributed to this report

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