​Well, that happened…

Lots of new stuff, basically.

​Well, that happened…

This week's news features a lot of coverage about new stuff, renewed ideas, and important cultural artefacts. Also, I heard someone this week express how fed up they are of hearing about Drumpf on the news. This all made me think. Should we be so alarmist about the ongoing controversy and harmful rhetoric that we hear as a result of decisions coming out of Westminster, the White House, the Philippines, France and more? It doesn't appear as if we are going to be able to do anything about them, so why not give them the benefit of our silence? Why not wait and see if the people that put the lawmakers there were right to do so?

The reason I mention the newness within this week's news is because it demonstrates our need to continually say something. We have the desire and responsibility to listen and to speak and to do it to death. So the way I see it, while we feel the need to shout, to express that we are angered or saddened and we do legitimately feel the need, then we should shout. We must feel the need to express that we are angry otherwise the gesture becomes empty and superficial. If we continue to shout and tell people why, only then can we hope to continue to create and grow and refresh. Don't become complacent. Don't settle for turning the other cheek. As long as you have a reason to be aggrieved, argue and do what you can to make things easier and better for all of us.

I heard recently Milo Yiannopoulos say to Cathy Newman that, broadly, people shouldn't care so much about people's feelings and a policy of "feelings first, facts later" had become popular. I found this dumbfounding. Of course we should care about other people's feelings. We should be considerate about how other people feel they are being treated, otherwise we descend into a culture based on inequality and the protection of solely personal interests. Don't be scared about expressing your upset, I say. If you represent a group that feels upset, shout about your upset and get things fixed. Don't hide from dismal news. Let it inflame you with enough information to change things.

Keep fighting the good fight.


The Superbowl - Lady Gaga, Stranger Things, Hamilton

The NFL Superbowl is now a greater cultural event than it is a sporting one. In its 51st year, Lady Gaga headlined the halftime show. A humongous performance extravaganza this show normally is. This in the hands of Lady Gaga meant the production was turned up to 11. Her powerhouse voice shook the stadium as she performed hits from her infamous catalogue and topped it off by announcing her upcoming Joanne world tour. The game is also shows off the trailers of the biggest films and television coming in the year. Most important of these was the season 2 trailer for Stranger Things, which announced the return of the character, Eleven, who we saw sacrifice herself for the better of the town of Hawkins last season. American anthems are commonplace at events like this and at SB51, cast members delivered a painfully pretty rendition of America The Beautiful amending the lyrics to sing "with brotherhood and sisterhood from sea to shining sea" rather than just brotherhood - a subtle nod to the call to arms for gender equality America is facing.

Reports of Jack Nicholson coming out of retirement to star in Hollywood remake of Germany's Toni Erdmann contradicted

Jack Nicholson was widely reported to be returning seven years after his last starring role to play the dysfunctional father role in the US remake of the Oscar-nominated Toni Erdmann taking over from Peter Simonischek. Almost as excitingly, Kristen Wiig is supposed to play the main character taking over from Sandra Hüller who has given an astonishing performance in the comedy in which an uptight businesswoman is taught to loosen up by her impossibly clumsy, estranged father. Original reports that Paramount Pictures have secured remake rights excited fans. The original's producers, Komplizen Film, say they're still in negotiations to sell the film rights though. If there's no film yet, there's no talent yet. They casting rumours were perfect. Original director, Maren Ade, has announced he will not be involved in the remake, though, which isn't a great sign.

Sources: IndieWire | The Hollywood Reporter

Trailer for the latest by Marvel and Netflix, Iron Fist, is released

giphy (3).gif

The final member of The Defenders has arrived! With Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones taking up permanent residence on Netflix, many Marvel fans have been waiting for the arrival of the final member, Danny Rand. Now fans can gear up for what looks like an exciting and action packed series to complete the team.

Danny returns to New York, after going missing for years, to take back his family's billion dollar company. But the mystery everyone wants to know is, what happened to him? Trained in martial arts and self titled Iron Fist, he soon finds himself balancing his family duty with his commitment to rid the city of crime. With a Doctor Strange type vibe, this looks like an interesting underworld, marvel-tastic show which will hopefully join the other three in the hearts of the fans.

Source: The Independent

Stormzy - Big For Your Boots released with album title and release date

The MOBO award winning grime boss returns after a few years in releasing in dribs and drabs helping grime reach new heights. The arena is ready for him to take claim to a successful year taking over from Skepta last year with his monumentally successful Konnichiwa. The deep and angry track is grime personified as Stormzy tells his detractors where to go. The video and tracklist for his debut feature length album, Gang Signs and Prayer were also release. The video features Stormzy sitting on a chicken shop counter and in the pub with his all-British grime video showcasing Stormzy's London. The album will be released on 24 February and there are big hopes for this one.

Source: Dropout UK

Katy Perry's Chained To The Rhythm released

giphy (4).gif

Katy Perry returns to the music scene with her new single Chained to the Rhythm and like Ed Sheeran's latest releases, it seems to have popped up out of the blue. Not only is it a great surprise for her fans but Perry came up with an interesting way to share the new track with her fans which is so typically KP.

Scattered around the world, Perry set up disco balls which played her new track. Passers by could plug their earphones in and listen to the brand new release. Fear the track is now available to download from iTunes and her crazy lyric video is available on YouTube. Words cannot describe what is happening in the video but we will say this, the Hamster is adorable and you should definitely check it out.

Source: KatyPerryVEVO

This Is Spinal Tap rock band to sue the world's biggest broadcasting company for $400 million

This Is Spinal Tap, is one of the most globally recognised films of all time. The 1984 mockumentary's influence on film comedy over the years is huge. The film's band members Derek Smalls (The Simpsons' Harry Shearer), Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) and David St Hubbins (Michael McKean) are uniting with the film's co-creators, including narrator and director Rob Reiner, to sue Vivendi for $400m due to not fully sharing profits from the cult classic. Initially, only Shearer was suing the French company but the other band members were called in to increase the claim has increased from $125m to $400m and "go to 11".

They claim Vivendi altered account data and failed to carry out contractual agreements that state accounts must be checked. Vivendi claim that the film's soundtrack sales amounted to just $98 between 1989 and 2006. Shearer claims Vivendi started a "concerted and fraudulent campaign to hide, or grossly under report, the film's revenues in order to avoid its profit participation obligations".

Source: The Guardian

First look images of Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider released

Source: eOnline

Trailer for Top Gear's 2017 series is released...and impresses

The trailer sees the Top Gear presenters, Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid and Chris Harris sitting in a rview explaining their ways through their international mishaps. Cut in are clips of their high octane auto-antics in supercars galore as well as a huge eight-wheeler. They're sent all over the world to test drive cars in a series that looks expensive and varied enough to offer a legitimate combat to The Grand Tour. A poor first series post-Clarkson, Hammond and May requires the new one to be worth its mettle.

Source: The Telegraph

The latest David Hockney exhibition opens at the Tate Britain - but online ticket booking crashes


"This exhibition gathers together an extensive selection of David Hockney's most famous works celebrating his achievements in painting, drawing, print, photography and video across six decades.

As he approaches his 80th birtontinues to change his style and ways of working, embracing new technologies as he goes. From his portraits and images of Los Angeles swimming pools, through to his drawings and photography, Yorkshire landscapes and most recent paintings – some of which have never been seen before in public – this exhibition shows how the roots of each new direction lay in the work that came before. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see these unforgettable works together."

Source: Tate Britain

MoMA protests Drumpf's so-called "Muslim ban" with exhibition of works from banned countries

In the most unexpected week in Drumpf's presidency yet, the infamous Museum of Modern Art in New York has taken a stand against Drumpf's so-called 'Muslim ban' by replacing an exhibition of works from Picasso and Matisse with a full gallery of work by artists who come from the countries from which Drumpf attempted to ban visitors. What's more, Betsy DeVos, Drumpf nominee for Secretary of Education has been elected by Senate with just one vote in it. This is a big deal because DeVos is unqualified. Neither did she go to university, nor did she send her children to public school or have any idea of the workings of the finances of US education. In addition, she donated millions to Drumpf's campaign, leading most to believe she bought her position in the cabinet. Another election to cabinet garnered controversy after the new Attorney General was sworn in following Democrat stalwart, Elizabeth Warren, was silenced after bringing to light historic allegations of racism brought against him by Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther. Furthermore, the aforementioned travel ban was thrown out by federal judges meaning it will not go ahead. This upset Drumpf deeply. Finally, the Speaker of the House of Parliament has banned Drumpf from speaking at the House when he visits. John Bercow has the power to stop people from speaking and has levied it over racist and xenophobic statements. As a result, a Tory MP has tabled a motion of no confidence in Bercow, himself a Tory.

Source: The Independent | The New Yorker | The Guardian | BBC News

MPs vote to trigger Article 50, finally consolidating the UK's departure from the EU

MPs have voted to trigger Article 50 at 494-122, paving the way for Theresa May to begin the process of leaving the European Union. A number of MPs voted against the bill. Mainly those whose constituencies mostly voted to remain. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had enforced a three-line whip, which is essentially a demand to vote to leave or risk the sack. Lib Dem MPs generally voted to stay as did SNP members. However the majority of Labour and Tory MPs voting to leave meant there was no chance. So the decision to leave was no surprise. But the manifestation of the departure that the Government have drawn up has come up criticism. Despite this, none of the number of amendments to the departure bill gained enough support to pass, meaning that not only will we leave, we will leave on the terms that the current Government has decided. Following the vote, a number of MPs quit the Labour frontbench including the new favourite to succeed Corbyn, Clive Lewis.

Source: The Telegraph

Girl On The Train was the most borrowed book of 2015/16

giphy (2).gif

When the blockbuster, BAFTA-nominated film starring Emily Blunt arriving on the big screen in October 2016, it was inevitable that the book upon which it was adapted was going to draw in more readers than before. Word of mouth spread and soon it jumped right to the top of the most borrowed list of 2016.

Between July 2015 and July 2016 this gripping thriller was borrowed 72,827 times. With 15 million copies selling out worldwide, you should grab a copy - that is even if it's not already been borrowed from your library!

Top Ten Borrowed Books in 2016:

1. The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins
2. Personal - Lee Child
3. Make Me - Lee Child
4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Jeff Kinney
5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul - Jeff Kinney
6. Alert - James Patterson
7. Go Set A Watchman - Harper Lee
8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever - Jeff Kinney
9. Awful Auntie - David Walliams
10. Truth or Die - James Patterson

Source: The Independent

Gracie McCabe and Maddie Drury contributed to this bulletin


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