Well, that happened....

When it rains, it pours!

Well, that happened....

After a relatively dry spell for news last week, it has been far more exciting this time round, and I hope you will join me in agreeing that the pieces amalgamated by the team reflect that. There is some good, some bad and some ugly this week, and the long awaited return of the sporadic feature, Do This.

Outside the culture bubble it has been a little less bright.

Brexit continues to be swirled around like a overpowering poisoned whiskey that we distilled ourselves, and it seems everyone is now waiting for the ice-cubes to melt so as to dilute its strength. It will make little difference though, more water will not reduce the levels of harmful solution, and it's better to either drink up quick, or do the sensible thing and throw the drink away.

Hate crime is up 41% and the pound is in freefall, dropping to historic lows. A mightily contrived supplier argument has broken out between Tesco and Unilever - a sign of things to come as the half-baked plan for Brexit is hashed out. Things are not rosey there.

And can anyone explain to me what Boris Johnson is actually doing? Besides breaking the convention of collective responsibility, whereby the Cabinet all really around one position, by criticising and contradicting May, he this week advocated we all protest outside the Russian Embassy! Is this the best foreign policy he could come up with? Said in a moment of typical Boris bumbling, he seems to have completely ignored the possibility for reactionary behaviour from Russia. I would personally prefer to see more tact from the man in charge of oversea diplomatic relations. And as for that yacht, the less said the better…

Things may not be looking great right now, but everyone can make a difference. Just being nice to one another will do wonders in combatting the hate and mistrust circling at the moment. Let's all just take a break and watch Luke Cage.

Until next week,


The Royal Family get involved with World Mental Health Day

First celebrated in 1992, World Mental Health day develops global mental health education by raising awareness of the issue across multiple platforms. On Monday, schools, colleges and universities across England- and even some of the royal family- helped to change stigma surrounding emotional health. Prince Harry, with William and Kate, took a ride on the London Eye with a few young adults who have battled and overcome psychological problems. It's a reminder that when disheartening things happen in our community, we can all reach out a helping hand. The importance of understanding mental health can perhaps be imprinted in our minds even more-so now that members of the Royal Family have taken action.

"..all of us know someone who has been through emotional times." - Duchess Of Cambridge

Image source: The Royal Foundation

Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

bob dylan.gif

On Thursday, US folk singer/songwriter Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition" as quoted by the Swedish Academy. The award comes following a career in music lasting over 5 decades, with the musician currently embarking upon the 'Never Ending Tour' having begun in 1988. The win, announced in Stockholm, created controversy among critics as Dylan does not typically fit in the category of literature winners; with the work of those former including short stories, novels and poetry. Some were left questioning the literary value of lyrics. Dylan is yet to comment, although his win has generated positive attention from the likes of Barack Obama and Stephen King.

Source: New York Times

Newcastle and Gateshead selected as host cities of the 'Great Exhibition of the North'


The North Eastern cities have been chosen to host the exhibition of art, design, and innovation as part of departed Chancellor, George Osborne's 'Northern powerhouse'. The exhibition will cost £5 million and will take place in 2018 and the cities were chosen over Yorkshire cities, Sheffield and Bradford, and the North Western tourism capital, Blackpool. The Culture Secretary, Karen Bradley made the decision because of the cities' level of ambition, after they predicted they could attract 3 million people to the city. The joint bid released some potential highlights of the project, which include city walks highlighting Northern heroes of art, design, and innovation, a summer camp for young people, as well as fifty writers being 'tasked with "rewriting the narratives of the north", while the organisers promise to "connect artists with scientists and inventors to work closely."'

Source: BBC News

Trailer for BBC One's Planet Earth II released

Ten years after the first series was broadcast to global adoration, Sir David Attenborough is back with Planet Earth II. Planet Earth is considered the greatest nature documentary ever and, therefore, some of the greatest television in history. Word about Sir D's latest venture was released in a talk he gave and we reported from at the Sheffield DocFest in which the packed out Crucible Theatre gasped in awe. There are rumours flying around that this series has been shot in ultra high definition - the highest definition of televised nature docs yet. Fans of the first series became nature doc converts and followed it on with subsequent Attenborough shows like Frozen Planet, Blue Planet, and Africa. Sir Attenborough said of the second series back in Sheffield that the world hasn't been seen nearly enough to warrant just one series of Planet Earth. The programme will appear on BBC One in November.

Source: YouTube | Arts Award Voice

Disney World temporarily shut down by Hurricane Matthew


Fans took to social media to spread the word of the world's most renowned theme park closing its doors - for only the fourth time in history- during the first week of October. Before we gasp in amazement, packing away our Disney memorabilia, the resort has thankfully re-opened. The Telegraph calls that it resulted in "a Disney ghost town" after the Orlando park (situated on the Florida coast) was involved with the effects of Hurricane Matthew. The storm didn't cause too much difficulty in the immediate area, but Disney parks temporarily closed. Countless tourists were disappointed, but many still call the experience "magical" and took to social media to celebrate! As Walt Disney said: "Happiness is a state of mind. It's just according to the way you look at things." It seems even a hurricane couldn't dampen Disney World's success, of course!

Source: The Telegraph

TV adaptation of indie hit Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind announced


Eternal Sunshine is a Voice favourite. It was directed by Michel Gondry and written by him and Charlie Kaufman who is known for his compelling and complex meta-narrative scripts. When the film was released back in 2004 on a fairly small budget with Jim Carrey and up-and-comer, Kate Winslet, it was instantly loved for its innovation, stunning production value, and chemistry between the two leads. It gained Kaufman his only writing Oscar and has gone down in history as one of the greatest scripts in history and greatest films of the decade. For a younger generation, after being added to Netflix's roster, it experienced a new lease of life. Sadly, it's not on Netflix UK anymore. Few details have been released including whether the original writing team will be on board, but it's welcome, though tender news to get.

Source: Den of Geek

Trailer for the Power Rangers film reboot released

We're excited about the new Power Rangers film at Voice - we're fans of Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston who will be playing villain, Repulsa, and trusty seer, Zordon, respectively. The Power Rangers themselves are up-and-coming stars including Briton, Naomi Scott, playing Pink most recently seen in Inspector Lewis, and also Chinese rising star, Ludi Lin, playing Black, who is making waves globally having been seen in Netflix's Marco Polo. The trailer gives evidence of some fairly impressive special visual effects - except for when they're jumping, which looks physically jarring. They've steered slightly away from the original character aesthetic and narrative around the suits and the Rangers' own stories. If they stay away from clunky motivations around things like how the Rangers get to know each other then it looks to be an impressive reboot of the beloved franchise.

Source: YouTube

Sigourney Weaver named as the antagonist in Marvel's upcoming Defenders


In yet more exciting news, one of our favourite actresses has been cast in a series by some of our favourite TV producers: Marvel and Netflix. Sigourney Weaver's career has been quiet since starring in Avatar in 2009. She reprised her role as Ripley in voicing the Alien: Isolation game and having small role in Chappie in 2015 and we'll gloss over Exodus. But the legend is back in the game after having been seen in blockbusters Finding Dory and Ghostbusters already this year and now being confirmed as the villain in the upcoming Defenders Marvel Netflix series. Who she will be playing is unknown but it brings a definitive star quality and undeniably good performance to the series. The major casting news came during this year's New York Comic Con during a panel about Netflix's next Marvel series, Iron Fist. This signifies perhaps the highest profile casting choice for any Netflix TV series, which only serves to signify that their programmes are only on the up-and-up. The folks at IGN have put together a cracking list of villains that Weaver might play.

Source: IGN

X Factor hit by fresh controversy as duo is axed over allegations of domestic abuse

Hours before the first live show of the series last Saturday, ITV was forced to suspend the duo, Brooks Way, following an allegation from one of the pair, Josh's ex-girlfriend that he had beaten her and sent her threatening messages to her. In addition, news came to light that Josh was in a fight with a man in a club on New Year's Eve in which his ex-girlfriend was knocked over. They denied the allegation on Twitter. When an investigation by the ITV was launched, Brooks Way and ITV agreed mutually to leave the competition. This comes straight after the X Factor was flooded with allegations of fixing after the 'wild card' contestants were brought back without a public vote. The first act to leave the show on Sunday night was fellow duo Brattavio who are generally seen as awful. Days after Brooks Way were thrown out of the competition, it was announced that the girl group, Four of Diamonds, was to be their replacement in the Groups category, mentored by Louis Walsh.

Source: The Independent

The second US Presidential Debate is televised


On October 9th, Clinton and Trump took part in the second US Presidential debate at the Washington University in Missouri. Taking the format of a 'Town Hall Debate', the two were subject to questions from both the moderators and from the public. As incumbent President Obama prepares to leave office, he also leaves behind many controversial matters which either Clinton or Trump will undoubtedly have to deal with when voted into office, including the appointment of a 9th Supreme Court Judge, amending or repealing the Affordable Care Act and tackling America's gun problem. The debate was perceived as particularly ugly, with Trump coming out swinging after footage leaked of him bragging about sexuase assault. He threatened to lock Clinton up if he were President, and also attacked both her and husband, President Clinton for historic sexual allegations made against the former president.


Sam, Isis, Tara and Bhavesh all contributed to this report


Watch this speech by Michelle Obama on Trump

Michelle Obama is such an incredible speaker, and has campaigned heavily in the past for more female education with Let Girls Learn. It's 2016, it's far past the time where such an initiative should even be necessary. All genders are equal, and deserve equal respect. Except of course, a certain runner for the President of arguably the most powerful and influential nation on Earth seems to not hold this view, and has repeatedly talked women down, or shamed them. Allegations of sexual assault linger around him, and the comments he made when he thought we wasn't being recorded are further fuel to the fire. This sort of behaviour is not locker-room banter, and we shouldn't let it be dismissed as such. It is damaging to both men and women, and and should be universally condemned.

Michelle Obama has done a fantastic job articulating this - and once again reminds us of how she is such an incredible First Lady, and a real inspiration to us all.

Header image: Tim Ereneta


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