Well, that happened…

What a terrible, terrible week.

Well, that happened…

As far as weeks go, this has been the worst we've had. It has been a tragic, disgusting, and senseless week of killing and horror. There is no logic to what has happened, and nothing I write is going to every capture the hurt and pain that will be felt around the world - I wouldn't even dare pretend to try and mimic it. Just know that my heart goes out to all of you, and I hope maybe we will start to challenge the thoughts and prejudices that have fueled such needless violence.

Never give up hope. Never give into fear. The few should not dictate the actions of the many.

Stay strong x


49 are shot and killed in an attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida


It was yet another dark day for America - 49 innocent people were murdered in the gay nightclub Pulse by Omar Mateen who was "apparently" triggered by the sight of two gay men embracing in the streets prior to the slaughter, although many eyewitnesses claimed that Omar was a regular to the nightclub. Tributes have been held around the world with people uniting regardless of sexuality, race, age or gender - in true LGBT spirit that will never die down.

It was a horrific act, regardless of the killer's motivations. Those are 49 lives that we'll never see again, and this has hit me harder than anything else I've seen in the news. I didn't know these people, yet I felt like I did. I know for certain that they didn't deserve to die, but they live on in our hearts and memories


Sources: BBC News

Ex-Voice contestant & influential YouTuber Christina Grimmie shot dead


A day before the horrific Orlando attack, it was the day that Youtube changed forever - Christina Grimmie was signing autographs for fans after a concert in Orlando, Florida when 27-year-old Kevin James Loibl opened fire on the singer, before turning the gun on himself.

Since then, security has been tightened around many performing arts venues in America, and informal meet-and-greets have been banned. Her death has received many condolences around the world from the Youtube community and The Voice members.

Can we just write off 2016? No? Urgh.

Labour MP Jo Cox shot dead during her constituency surgery


In yet another tragic and unnecessary attack, 41 year old Jo Cox died after being stabbed and shot during a constituency meeting. The mother of two was MP for Batley and Spen, having been elected in 2015, and has left behind a husband and two children. At time of writing, a 51 year old male has been arrested in connection with the murder. The MP was an advocate for remaining in the EU, and out of respect, all European campaigning has been suspended for the day. Cox had previously worked at Oxfam, and also worked as an advisor to Sarah Brown and Baroness Kinnock. Undoubtedly more information will surface in the following days, but I cannot even begin to process how awful all these attacks have been. My thoughts go out to all families affected.

Image source: The Telegraph

Tony Award 2016 winners are announced


In what was a hollow celebration, this year's Tony Awards took place barely after the Orlando massacre. As a result, the Tony Awards can boast being the first televised tribute to the victims and their families. This year can also boast the most diverse set of nominations and winners in Tony history and the highest viewing figures for 15 years - all of this almost single-handedly because of the trailblazer musical, Hamilton, by Lin-Manuel Miranda. James Corden was on hand to pay tribute and lift sallow spirits and did so expertly. His opening bit reminded everyone of his own Tony Award winning theatrical talents. Hamilton won an eye-watering 11 Tonys in one night - one short of the record 12 set by The Producers. The Humans won four awards including for Best Play. British winners include Cynthia Erivo for The Color Purple and the British cast of View From A Bridge.

Source: Arts Award Voice

The Conjuring 2 breaks horror box office records worldwide


The Conjuring 2 has beaten Warcraft in the US this weekend to be the highest grossing film. It also holds the title of the highest grossing horror since its predecessor came out in 2013. Although making slightly less than the first one, The Conjuring 2 still made $40.4m, the biggest opening for a horror film released in June. This being said, The Conjuring 2 did cost nearly double to make, compared to the first. Warcraft, meanwhile, has failed to make any significant impact, other, perhaps, than the thud it made as it hit the floor. The fantasy film made a mere $24.4m and has only 27% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Sheffield DocFest kicks off


The country's biggest festival dedicated to the documentary form kicked off in the city of Sheffield. The Sheffield DocFest Youth Jury sat down and spoke with Louis Theroux, only to be interrupted by no other than Oscar winner, Michael Moore. His latest documentary premiered on the opening night of the festival. We attended the hottest ticket at the festival, Sir David Attenborough In Conversation With Charlotte Moore, to hear the documentary giant talk about his career as the Controller of BBC Two and as a natural history broadcaster spanning almost 65 years. The festival is renowned for featuring virtual reality content. The immersive, virtual reality documentary, Notes On Blindness took home two awards in the festival - the most of any film.

Trailer for Disney's Moana is released

Disney may have another Frozen on their hands with their latest film, Moana. The trailer shows Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as demigod Maui, trying to impress the Polynesian princess, named Moana, played by native Hawaiian actress Auli'i Cravalho. The film has songs written by renowned Lin-Manuel Miranda, who as you read above, is already having an incredible week. Moana looks to deliver a visual delight in its tropical setting, with colourful animals and grant ocean voyages across the Pacific. It certainly does no harm that the music sounds great too! The film will be released November 23rd 2016 - which just happens to be Thanksgiving!

Tate Modern's pyramid expansion is unveiled


Set to open 17th June, the new Tate Modern Switch House will increase the museum's capacity by 60%. The 10-story, £260m building has a panoramic viewing platform at the top, allowing for visitors to gaze out upon the city. The expansion of Tate Modern will allow the museum to have permanent galleries. It is built using bricks that match the current museum's design, although they are staggered in an almost chainmail effect, which will allow interior light to shine through. There is also a restaurant on the 9th floor - the first full restaurant for the gallery - and in a world first, spaces are dedicated to live part, film and installations. During the opening weekend, the public will be able to enjoy free live performances, and the opening hours have also been extended until 10pm. As was the way before Switch House, most of the exhibitions will remain free for the public to view.

E3 2016 brings new games and new remasters


The Electronic Entertainment Expo once again took place in LA, and served as the event for nearly all the major first and third-party game studios and developers to announce their latest offerings. Bethesda, the relative newcomers to E3 announced new DLC to Fallout 4 and a commitment to VR, as well as release dates for Dishonoured 2 and a new Prey game. Microsoft announced two new consoles - the Xbox One S and the rumoured Project Scorpio. Among other things they also announced new XBox Live features, including Xbox Play Anywhere, which allows you to buy supported games on your Xbox One, and then play them on your PC, or co-op with PC players. There were also announcements for a new Halo Wars, and a better look at Sea of Thieves. Ubisoft stuck to the tradition of being exceptionally weird, but made the cool announcement of a new South Park game - Fractured But Whole. Oh, and let's not forget VR Star Trek! Arguably the big winners though were Sony, who demonstrated a big commitment to Playstation VR with 50 supported games, announced a remastered Crash Bandicoot, a PS4 exclusive Spiderman game, a new God of War, AND brought Hideo Kojima on stage. This is naturally a TL;DR version, but for all the coverage, check out our Storify page!

Source: Arts Award Voice Storify

Trailer for Netflix's Narcos season 2 and release date announced

Netflix has released a trailer and release date for the second series of their one of their original shows - Narcos. The trailer gave no indication as to the events that will take place in the second series, instead just showing Wagner Moura, who plays Pablo Escobar, and three dates flashing on screen. The first is Escobar's date of birth, the second was the date of his death, and the third is when the new series will come out, which is September 2nd 2016. Like last season there will be 10 episodes, and both Holbrook and Pascal will be returning. If you haven't watched the first series yet, which is based on the true story of the notorious drug lord, it is still available to watch on Netflix!

Netflix's Orange Is The New Black returns for Season 4


Guess what? You've got time to be prepared for the Emmy award-winning Netflix series that features a female prison and your favorite female characters. From what the trailer tells us, there's a Muslim prisoner, increased tension and the ongoing off-and-on again relationship between Piper and Alex. The first episode gave every impression - just like the trailer - that things at Litchfield are going to change more than we've known yet. The prison is to become a for-profit prison and 100 extra prisoners are stuffed 'like sardines' into the quarters, which means that the relationships, cliques, and allegiances we've come to love are about to crumble apart. The new series picks up exactly where the last left off as Alex is left alone with Kubra's hitman and the majority of prisoners escaped the prison to frolic in a nearby lake. Good opening episode - expect good things.


Luke and Bhavesh contributed to this report


Get out and vote!

Next week is the big one. The vote that decides the future of the country, and could (will) plunge us into a recession while clawing back sovereignty from the EU.

Is it worth it? That's for you to decide! We have published articles explaining the EU, and the arguments for staying and leaving, and i really encourage you read it to get a full understanding of how things work.

If you want my opinion, I am going to be voting to stay in. There will be an article going up in the next few days where I explain this train of thought. Of course, it is just my opinion, and you should use your own conscience in this vote.


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