​Top news of the week… 3rd October 2015

The most important arts and media stories of the week

​Top news of the week… 3rd October 2015

Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits! Retrospective pinch punch for the first of the month! It's October. That means very soon we will get an extra hour in bed when the clocks go back. Of course, the downside is that it starts to get dark really early. There used to be nothing worse than getting up before it was light, and not leaving school until after it was dark. We have gathered up the biggest news events of the week for your dissemination and delectation. Go forth and spread your newfound knowledge with your friends and family. Or don't, y'know, we are cool like that. Stay safe, try something new, and have pleasant weekends! 83 days until Christmas...

Google releases two new smartphones


Did you know that every year Google has released a phone? It's true! In addition to building Android, which is the most popular phone operating system in the world, they also work with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to create a phone. They have been doing this since 2010, working with HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola. This year they bucked the trend by announcing two phones: the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P. The former is made by LG, who made the 2013 Nexus 5, and the 6P is made by Chinese company Huawei. Both are available to preorder now.


Channel 4 rebrands

The above video represents the new Idents for Channel 4, which this week has gone through a rebrand. The 33 year old broadcasting channel worked with Jonathan Glazer to create some of the new idents, and also has two new fonts, designed by Neville Brody. The fonts are called Chadwick and Horseferry, after the streets on which Channel 4 sits on. It is certainly a bold move on their part. What do you think of the changes?

Creative Review

Digital India takes another step forwards


Digital India signifies India long awaited embrace of digital integration into its inner workings. From greater reliance on digital means of defence to proper education in digital and technology in schools sees India using its vast powers to grow a reputation as a pioneer in digital technology. This week it was kicked off with gusto as Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched it with the support of digital bigwig, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Huffington Post India

Turner Prize held in Glasgow for the first time


It's Turner Prize time again, and guess what...not many people like it. It's the first time the show has gone to Scotland, opening in Glasgow this week to much 'meh' amongst the press. This year's contenders are Assemble — an 18 artist collective — Janice Kerbel, Nicole Wermers and Bonnie Camplin. Scoring mostly between one and three stars in the papers, the prize is showing no sign of giving up its sensation crown. But, after so many years sensation seems to come in the form of a big old snore. Check out reviews on the Guardian and Telegraph websites.

Dismaland to be sent to Calais to provide shelters for refugees


Banksy's much-hyped Dismaland has provided some rather apt images to illustrate the refugee crisis, but the artist is taking a step further than many of his contemporaries (who could be accused of favouring gestures over action) and is offering the 'bemusement' park up for the cause. Promising to dismantle and reuse the park's timber to build shelters in Calais, Banksy will be turning his words — and works — into action. It'll take roughly three weeks to take the park apart, after which point it'll be shipped to France for good use. Political art indeed.

Google officially becomes Alphabet


It has been a busy week for Google, and the second time they have appeared on this list. The change from Google to Alphabet is surprisingly more complex than first considered. The TL;DR is that Google is now owned by Alphabet, which was created by Google to become a new parent company, in an attempt to pacify shareholders who wanted Google to strip back areas that weren't making money. Anybody who owned shares in Google now has shares in Alphabet, and divisions within Google are becoming separate companies owned by Alphabet. Confused? That's understandable. Although it has very little implications for you, it is still interesting to see this happen, and could change how things run down the line. For the moment, all that has changed is that Google has a new snazzy logo.


New Minecraft game trailer released

Remember a while back when we wrote that Mojang and Telltale were working together to create an episodic Minecraft game, with fully voiced characters? Well, we move closer to that release with the new trailer that was published two days ago. I personally am going to reserve judgement of the game until I've had a chance to play it, but The Verge reports that the game has fully voiced characters for whichever gender you choose, which i think is great. It really does show the inclusivity of Minecraft.

The Verge


Brian Friel Dies


Brian Friel, playwright has died aged 86. Dubbed by The Guardian as 'the finest Irish dramatist of his generation' Friel was loved by many. His plays, which were shown around the world included political subject matter, especially surrounding the Troubles in Northern Ireland. This was shown particularly in The Freedom of the City. Not only this, but Friel sought and succeeded in translating many of Chekhov's works in addition to adapting some of his short stories for stage.

The Guardian


Photo by Burns Library, Boston College

First batch of Glastonbury Festival tickets sold out


The 15,000 coach and ticket package tickets for the infamous Glastonbury Festival have now sold out. The standard tickets go on general release on Sunday 4th October, but you will have had to register in order to get your hands on these beauties. Headliners to be announced.


Photo by Wonker

And finally…

Arts Award turns 10!


It has been 10 years since Arts Award started, and in that time nearly 213 THOUSAND young people have achieved an Arts Award. To celebrate, Arts Award is having 10 months of events, and are getting people to pledge to complete an award within that time. It is their hope that 250,000 young people will achieve an Arts Award of some level during the 10 months. If you have always wanted to complete an Arts Award, but never quite got around to it, there is no better time to pledge! Happy Birthday, Arts Award!



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