Kickstarter Stories

Voice Magazine, and its parent charity Upstart Projects, is pleased to offer a range of training programmes to help young people reach their potential, discover pathways into journalism and the creative sector, and make their voice heard.

We also offer training courses for organisations, and you can find out more about those on our parent charity's website:

Kickstart Scheme

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government announced a £2 billion fund to create hundreds of thousands of high quality 6-month jobs aimed at those aged 16 to 24 who are on Universal Credit and are deemed to be at risk of long-term unemployment.

Voice is proud to have supported 23 young people in a variety of journalism, creative and business related roles, giving them both practical and specific experience to help them take their next step – whether that be a return to education, or a new job or placement.

The Impact the Kickstart Scheme Made

“When you work within Voice, there is an unspoken encouragement and freedom to take on roles and responsibilities helping us to build personal confidence in our professional work”

“From working with Voice, I now have access to more job opportunities thanks to my wider variety of skills” 

"I have found a new career path which I love and I secured a job in that career after my placement through my Kickstarter role.

I've been given a chance to work in an environment I've always wanted to work in and gained experience in that field. I've learnt so much about the charity sector and the arts sector that I'm incredibly grateful for and will take with me for the rest of my working life."

Furthermore, Upstart Projects has supported dozens more through their Kickstart support programme.

Read about our impact in other areas of work

De-mornae Clarke
Trainee Journalist

De-mornae was a Kickstart Journalist for Voice. Music, interviews and pop culture are her preferred topics of interest but is often pushing her own creative boundaries to prove that anyone can have an opinion regardless of their background, education or class. She loves all things baking and potatoes but never cheese.

Following her placement with Voice she took an internship at The Economist. 

You can read her for Voice work here

Ali Muzaffar  
Trainee Journalist

Ali was a Kickstart Trainee Journalist with Voice. He graduated from the University of Leeds in English Literature and maintains a strong interest in reading new books whenever possible. A self-professed film nut, Ali enjoys movies from a wide range of genres, although he can be counted on to gravitate towards thrillers or dramas!

Following his placement with Voice, Ali took an internship at Sky Sports.

His Voice profile can be found here.

Claire Jenns
Trainee Journalist

Claire was a Kickstart Trainee Journalist for Voice Magazine, and is an English Literature graduate from Birmingham. Although born a Brummie, she grew up in Thailand from the ages of six to seventeen, giving her a wide range of life experiences and cultural awareness which she uses to enhance her article writing. 

Following her placement with Voice, Claire went on to do a Masters in South East Asian studies.

Claire's Voice profile can be found here

Elle Farrell-Kingsley
Media Sub-editor

Elle was Voice’s Kickstart Media Sub-Editor and podcast host, coming from a diverse range of creative pursuits- including curating, music production, and performing arts. She’s a BA Liberal Arts graduate and studies sound engineering in her own time. When she’s not behind a computer screen, she can be found training MMA.

Following her placement with Voice, Elle accepted a job at an event management company.

You can read her work here.

Hector Macduff  
Development Assistant

Hector was the Kickstart Development Assistant for Voice and a Manchester based actor/writer. Graduating from the University of York with a degree in Politics and International Relations he enjoys discussing and discovering art in all its forms but has a particular love for the radio, stage and screen, where he spent most of his time at university. 

His profile can be found here.

Ophelia Appleby
Business and Projects Assistant

Ophelia was the Kickstart Business and Projects Assistant at Voice. She graduated from the Royal Northern College of Music as a Mezzo-Soprano who adores Faure and Mahler, but also has a keen enthusiasm for pop, Jazz and the likes of Cole Porter. She is a Portrait Artist, Songwriter and an all-round zealot of the arts.

Ophelia's profile can be found here

Amy Clewlow
Media Sub-editor

Amy is a Media Sub-editor for Voice, and is an Illustration graduate from Hereford College of Arts. She’s a passionate creative who enjoys putting out new, fun content to expand minds and start inclusive conversations. She’s an avid podcast listener and novice animator always looking to expand her horizons.

Amy's profile can be found here

Lucy Evans
Media Sub-editor

Lucy is the Media Sub-editor and multimedia artist based in Manchester. When she isn’t painting, you’ll most likely find her at a gig, or reading about volcanoes. As a self-professed sign language enthusiast, cloud enjoyer, and lover of bees, she enjoys learning about anything and everything, meaning she is full of fun but often irrelevant facts. 

Amy's profile can be found here

Ash Edmonds
Trainee Journalist

Ash is a Kickstart Journalist for Voice. A graduate of Music Journalism from BIMM Brighton – where he now lives – Ash has been writing about everything creative for the past few years. An avid audiophile, he spends a lot of his time searching streaming platforms, record stores and live shows trying to find his next musical obsession.

Read his work here

Dulcie Geist 
Trainee Journalist

Dulcie is a Kickstart Trainee Journalist with Voice. They are a Fine Art graduate, originally from Cardiff, now residing in Glasgow. They love Welsh culture, queer culture, pop culture, and lack of culture. They have a passion for the arts and an even deeper passion for anything that makes the arts more accessible (and frankly, more fun).

Their profile can be found here.

Hamish Gray
Trainee Journalist

Hamish is a Kickstart Trainee Journalist for Voice Magazine, and is a recent English Literature and Creative Writing graduate with a deep passion for anything that grabs him, be it literature, film, video games or world culture. He is always looking to learn something new and tackles each experience with the unshakeable belief that good art can come from anywhere. 

Hamish's profile can be found here

Jay Komar
Social Media Co-ordinator

Jay is Voice’s Kickstart Social Media Co-oirdinator, and a Filmmaking graduate from Aberystwyth University. They are interested in music, film, animation and art. Specialising in the way each of these can be made more accessible and collaborative through social media.

Molly McIntosh 
Development Assistant

Molly is the Kickstart Development Assistant for Voice and recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University studying Music Performance. She has a passion for anything music related whether that be performing,  listening to music or learning more about the industry itself, music has definitely become a huge factor of her life.

Olivia Wyatt
Business and Projects Assistant

Olivia is the Kickstart Business and Projects Assistant at Voice. She is a recent Education Studies graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University. Olivia loves expanding her knowledge in anything and everything. You can find her reading everything in sight or bending over backwards trying new yoga flows.  

Her profile can be found here

Callum Holt
Trainee Journalist

Callum is a Trainee Journalist and film studies student at the University of the West of England with an enormous passion for cinema. When he isn't watching or writing about movies, he is an avid chess player and reader, with a keen interest in philosophy, politics and current affairs. 

Read his work here

Sheona Mountford 
Trainee Journalist

Sheona is a Trainee Journalist who recently graduated from the University of Manchester, where she studied History. She likes to look at events in the past and how they tie into the issues of today. Runs a motorsport blog in her spare time and attempts a bit of fiction writing. She aims to highlight local issues from her hometown in Staffordshire.

Their profile can be found here

Flo Cornall
Trainee Journalist

Flo is a Trainee Journalist and recent graduate from the University of Sheffield where she read English Language & Linguistics. They’re a film enthusiast, commentator and critic which means they’ll watch anything from Cheetah Girls 2 to Twelve Angry Men. In her freetime she writes everything under the sun from poetry, screenplays to short stories. Oh, and she’s a Eurovision superfan.

Flo's profile can be found here

Lauren Johnson
 Trainee Journalist

Lauren is a Trainee Journalist and recent University of Florida graduate where she studied journalism and French. She is passionate about immigration issues and politics, and prior to working at Voice, covered these beats at Fresh Take Florida and WUFT News. Lauren is an avid reader who loves to travel and learn more about the world. 

Read her work here

Faith Martin
Trainee Journalist

Faith worked as a freelance journalist for a year after finishing her studies at Portsmouth College, writing for a number of esteemed publications as well as running her own music blog before joining Voice Magazine as a Kickstart Trainee Journalist. An avid vinyl collector and gig goer, Faith also campaigns for disability rights and better disabled access at live music events. 

Read her work here

Dheeraj Chutani
Trainee Journalist

Dheeraj is a recent postgrad having graduated from the University Of Leicester in Politics, with a keen interest in current affairs and politics both domestically and also internationally. He is an avid reader, jogger, weight-lifter and has trained martial arts since he was a child – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) being his latest vice.

Read his work here