Want my job?...with Matt Nunn

Matt Nunn works for Bix. B productions, producing large scale set pieces and props at festivals, and beyond. He'll be building the Inbetweener's area at Latitude this year, so keep an eye out for his handy work.

Want my job?...with Matt Nunn

What is your current job title?

Scenic Designer.

Did you always want to work on large scale events?

No, I started off as an architectural modelmaker, and then started working for a themeing company that supplied one off items for themed restaurants, bars, theme parks and the like. Which got me thinking that theatre work and festival installations maybe the way to go.

How do you work on a project, from initial planning through to completion?

I start with a meeting with the client to go through the design brief and then once we have confirmed the details I will go away and design the project first with rough sketches which I will discuss with client to make sure I'm creating what they want and then in CAD I'll draw the construction plans to scale. Once the job is costed and the money has been received the construction commences.

What is the biggest challenge working in big, outdoor festival settings?

I always find that coming from the studio to working on site can be a challenge for me, more to do with that fact you have to accept uncontrollable variables such as the weather, uneven ground, changing times as to when power may be available etc.

What is the most enjoyable thing about your job?

Creating the worlds that are in my head.

How do you relax once festival season is over?

By relaxing in bed for a few days!

What advice would you give to any young people wanting to get into your kind of work?

Go for it, it's great fun, you will meet the greatest people and have a wonderful time. Just keep in mind that cash flow or in fact the lack of it! often goes hand in hand with the life style.

Want to know more about scenic design? Visit this handy article on Creative Choices, a website filled with careers advice for people who want to enter the arts.


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