Interview with Claire Jenns, Summer Showcase participant

We speak to 23-year-old Claire Jenns about their entry to the Voice Summer Showcase.

Interview with Claire Jenns, Summer Showcase participant

For their submission to the 2021 Voice Summer Showcase, Claire submitted a video of herself translating English into Thai.

We invited Jack Solloway, Marketing Executive at Bloomsbury Digital Resources and former Assistant Editor to Voice, to join current Assistant Editor Saskia Calliste to view the submission and provide feedback to the artist. 

Jack said: "As a monoglot, I must admit that I am unqualified to judge this entry. I’m blown away by those who are able to pick up new languages and speak them with the ease Claire seems to in this short video. Her pronunciation, to my incredibly - and I must stress again - unqualified ear, sounds unfaltering. If this is not the Thai language, then I am fooled and utterly convinced otherwise. If it is (of which I am sure), I’m hugely impressed, and I now know who to go to if I ever need lessons myself."

Saskia said: "Learning a new language is something many of us have tried during lockdown, and Claire demonstrates this flawlessly. Thai is not an easy language to learn, and what seemed like an effortless translation probably took many hours of practice to master – well done. "

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm from Birmingham, I'm currently working at Voice, and I grew up in Thailand for 11 years.

Give us a brief description of your submission?

My submission is an attempt at translating English into Thai word for word

How long have you been practicing your artform?

I've always been learning Thai bit by bit, but my learning has ramped up in the past 6 months

What is some advice you wish you'd had before you started your artform?

That you never really finish learning a language, it takes lifelong practice

Who are your artistic inspirations?

My mum inspires me as she can speak several languages

To see Claire's submission, click here

To see all the submissions to the 2021 Voice Summer Showcase, follow this link.


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