Interview with Matthew Powell, Summer Showcase participant

We speak to 19-year-old Matthew Powell about their entry to the Voice Summer Showcase.

Interview with Matthew Powell, Summer Showcase participant

For their submission to the 2021 Voice Summer Showcase, Matthew submitted a video of them performing Sting's 'Shape of my Heart' on the trumpet.

We invited Jack Solloway, Marketing Executive at Bloomsbury Digital Resources and former Assistant Editor to Voice, to join current Assistant Editor Saskia Calliste to view the submission and provide feedback to the artist. 

Jack said: "Matt has a lovely tone on the trumpet. He convincingly plays two parts in call and response, brilliantly editing together through his sound engineering, and filmed in front of an abandoned pre-fab house. There’s a maturity and confidence to Matt’s performance that gives it a classic quality. Easy listening, beautifully done."

Saskia said: "Matt’s trumpet performance was beautifully performed. The music was soothing, the technique on point and the old-timey atmosphere of the video was a really nice touch as it added atmosphere to the performance. You can tell the chosen song is one of Matt’s favourites as he played it with conviction and heart."

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am from Wiltshire and am about to start to study Classical with Jazz on trumpet at Leeds Conservatoire in September.

Give us a brief description of your submission?

I recorded my trumpet version of Shape of my Heart. I recorded the audio of Ableton Live and then filmed the visual for it outside at an abandoned pre-fab house in my local town. I put the video together using Divinci Resolve using effects to enable two of me to be visible at once when I am dueting with mysef.

How long have you been practicing your artform?

I started recording my music during lockdown when all the groups that I normally play in could no longer meet together to play. I started to learn to play at the age of 9 (10 years ago!).

What is some advice you wish you'd had before you started your artform?

To listen to more genres of music so that you can learn from others and incorporate lots of different styles into your playing.

Who are your artistic inspirations?

Sting, Michael Buble, Chris Botti, Jamie Cullum

To see Matthew's submission, click here

To see all the submissions to the 2021 Voice Summer Showcase, follow this link.


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