Interview with Grace Baker, Summer Showcase participant

We speak to 21-year-old Grace Baker about their entry to the Voice Summer Showcase.

Interview with Grace Baker, Summer Showcase participant

For their submission to the 2021 Voice Summer Showcase, Grace submitted a self-portrait – but embroided!

We invited Jack Solloway, Marketing Executive at Bloomsbury Digital Resources and former Assistant Editor to Voice, to join current Assistant Editor Saskia Calliste to view the submission and provide feedback to the artist. 

Jack said: "Grace’s embroidery has a beautiful, illustrated - and yes, painterly - quality in this lively portrait, which feels distinctive in its signature and style. I’m won over by the colour palette and I enjoyed the overall character of the artwork." 

Saskia said: "This piece clearly took a lot of patience and skill. Using different coloured threads to build skin tone and definition in the hair is really clever and gives the artwork depth that brings it to life. This is a lovely piece of embroidery, and Grace should be proud for capturing herself in such a high spirited light."

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm from Cheshire, I'm an art and design student studying for my Gold Art award.

Give us a brief description of your submission?

My project aim was to create an illustration using the form of embroidery. My previous work is illustrations and digital art. Recently, I've taken an interest in sustainability in fashion, vintage clothes and, of course, embroidery.
My teacher was the one who helped me come up with a project idea for the Summer Showcase, suggesting I combine previous skills with a new art form.
I took guidance from an online class, Skillshare, with the online tutor, Danielle Clough, and everything I've created has been self-taught – from all the embroidery stitches to building layers.
My self-portrait is a reflection of mental health. There are many themes with my piece, but 'Reborn' was the title I went for. It's about moving past grief and looking forward to the future.

How long have you been practicing your artform?

Only a few months. My art background helped when it came to learning the new skill.

What is some advice you wish you'd had before you started your artform?

Don't compare yourself to other artists. Do what you can and take your time learning the new skills. Someone once said to me, be kind to yourself. 

Who are your artistic inspirations?

Van Gogh is one of my art history inspirations. My art piece uses the inspiration of Danielle Clough, an Embroider Artist. Other illustrators I'm inspired by are Gabrielle Picolo, Neimy Kanani and Mimi Chao.

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To see all the submissions to the 2021 Voice Summer Showcase, follow this link.


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