Behind the Artist with JJordan

Voice speaks to JJordan, a drummer turned artist who is taking leaps within the music industry, using social media as his playground.

Behind the Artist with JJordan

JJordan, formerly known as James, is an upcoming artist proudly representing North West London. Since releasing an array of demo tracks last year, he has since become a social media giant, utilising highly grossing platforms such as Tik Tok to consolidate his presence and leave a unique mark.

From ‘How to videos’ to freestyle songwriting sessions, he chooses to uncomplicate the creative process by giving his supporters an insight into his creative journey. The videos are short, engaging and informative, showcasing his undisputed talent to the masses.

His sound screams summer with Afro swing and R&B nuances but can vary from track to track as he displays genre diversity. For instance, his latest release ‘Lovin’ care’ is layered with a rich London accent, partnered with airy backing vocals and conversational lyrics that are perfect for that infamous summer drive. Contrastingly, his ‘Notice Me’ freestyle compares to an emotional and stripped back love letter unscathed by heavy production.

Behind the Artist Presents: JJordan

Soon to graduate from the prestigious Leeds Conservatoire, James attributes his artistry to the many musical influences in his life. His musical family and talented friends have shaped him from the drumming prodigy – playing at the nimble age of two – to the all round creative we see today as JJordan. They say it takes a village to raise a child but in this case it took a talented tribe to raise a star. 

"So now it's such a surprise that now I'm doing this singing thing I can use everything I've learnt from them. As everyone that I have encountered along this way has played a part." - JJordan

What's Next

With hopes to impact the industry, forming lasting relationships to build a brand, open doors for others and give back to those who have helped along the way, it's clear that 2021 is bound to ignite his career. JJordan is set to drop his next single on the 16th of July and his debut album at the end of this year. We will definitely be keeping a close eye on his music and so should you!  

You can follow him on Instagram: @jjordan_official1.

Check out all his music platforms for more releases.


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