Interview with Nicola Bragg-Hart, a singer in isolation

Nicola Bragg-Hart is taking the sting out of quarantine with a singing voice that’s enough to lift anyone’s spirits, during these most of uncertain times.

Interview with Nicola Bragg-Hart, a singer in isolation

Next up in my ‘Creativity In Lockdown Series’ we have ‘Singer in Isolation’, Nicola Bragg-Hart, who has decided to use her free time to recreate songs we all know and love, that reflect our shared quarantine reality. 

We all struggle to get the motivation to keep creating content but Bragg-Hart, with some extra encouragement from her supportive husband, and a little help from Mum on the lyric front, has created songs that capture all of our feelings (good and bad) about lockdown. I talk with Hart about her inspiration behind her songs, how she stays motivated and what she thinks about the future of how we consume artistry. 

Where to find Nicola's music

Have a peruse at Bragg-Hart’s Instagram for some feel-good, relatable musical distraction. To kick off your music discovery, we have embedded one below. Enjoy!


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