Interview with Jasmine, TrinityTalent Class of 2018

We catch up with Jasmine from TrintyTalent Class of 2018 to find out what being nominated meant to her. 

Nominate for TrinityTalent Class of 2019 by 13 December!

Interview with Jasmine, TrinityTalent Class of 2018

Hi Jasmine! You were one of the talented young people featured in the TrinityTalent Class of 2018. What did being nominated mean to you?

I was so uplifted and felt a real sense of accomplishment after all the hard work, and gave me more inspiration to pursue in the music field.

Did being nominated influence your professional development?

Most definitely, it's kept me motivated to practice harder even on my worst days.

What would you say to those looking to nominate or be nominated for the Trinity Class of 2019?

I would say that if you have any intention of nominating someone, please, please, please, go for it, because you don't know how much it means to a person and how much of an impact it has on their confidence and self-esteem. 

It really gives you the courage you never thought you had and brings so much joy as well as a real sense of acknowledgement and achievement.

What have you been up to since being featured in the TrinityTalent Class of 2018?

Where do I begin! Since being a part of the Trinity Class of 2018, it has been a whirlwind of a year for both my academic and musical studies. 

After achieving the Grade 4 cello distinction and the nomination, I became determined to achieve even greater things and had a real boost in confidence which I took with me in everything I did. I participated in my school's Christmas production of the Wizard of Oz where I played Glinda the Good Witch - it was so much fun but also very bittersweet as it was my final secondary school production before my plans to pursue music at university. 

So, during the Christmas period, I juggled attending rehearsals for the show with applying for universities and preparing for auditions at some of the biggest conservatoires in London, with the hope of studying a classical singing course. 

After a few setbacks and plenty of encouragement from family, friends and teachers, I finally achieved a place at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, which I still can't really believe myself to be honest! 

f2a3c149cbdb6efaffc53978e29927dc92117be4.jpgThen after a lot of hard work, I managed to achieve a distinction at Grade 7 on my violin in the Spring of 2019, as well as a distinction at Grade 6 on my lovely cello in the summer. Alongside this, after a very stressful exam period, I was able to pass all my A-Levels (Art, Music and History) with grades that got me into both King's College London and Trinity Laban. Since deciding that my heart was set on attending a Conservatoire, I've now been studying a BMus course on Vocal Studies since September at Trinity Laban, and it has been such an amazing experience meeting new people, learning and being surrounded by new music and working with brilliant teachers. 

While it's been a successful year, I can't say that everything was plain sailing - some moments were pretty and others were full of blood, sweat and tears. I can admit I faced many downfalls and every now and then moments of doubt and failure. But with perseverance, patience and faith I was finally able to get where I am today, and I don't regret a single moment. I'm so excited for what is in store for me next and for what is to come on my musical journey.

So, what's in store for your future career as a musical artist? 

There's just so much in the music field that I'd love to do, like playing my instruments with leading orchestras, singing at the Royal Opera House or working with touring opera companies around the world. If I'm completely honest, I have no clue what I want my future career to be! 

I just know that I want to be immersed in music always and in everything I do. It's great to be focused and fixed on a specific aim, but I also believe that it's also brilliant to not limit yourself and enjoy new pathways as they come.

Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be studying to be a classical singer after all my experience on the orchestral world, but here I am, and I couldn't be more thankful for all the opportunities I've been given. 

What influences you to keep going?

I am so influenced and driven by people who work and study at Trinity Laban, there's just so much passion for the art and it really rubs off on me seeing people dedicated to what they do. I think there's something so special and pure about that atmosphere. But most importantly I am influenced by my parents and my teachers - they spent just as many long hours of work doing their absolute best to help me achieve what I have and there's no way I could have done all of this without their undying support. So they always drive me to do my best and more, because I want to prove to them that everything was worth it and show how thankful I am for their guidance.

Good luck with it all! 
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If you want to be nominated, or know someone you would like to nominate for the TrinityTalent Class of 2019, don't forget to do it by 13 December! 

What is TrinityTalent?

Trinity College London has teamed up with Voice Magazine to celebrate the talents of young people who have achieved a Trinity music, Rock & Pop, drama or Arts Award qualification during 2019. Young people aged 13-25 can be nominated for artistic achievement, creativity, progress or leadership by teachers, parents, and peers.

All nominees will receive recognition from Trinity, and those selected for Trinity’s Class of 2019 will also feature in an online gallery on Voice magazine. This isn’t just for high fliers - we welcome nominations of young people who have overcome challenges or made progress in any category.

Nominate for TrinityTalent Class of 2019 by 13 December 

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