Interview with Emma Reynolds, fine art art screenprinter

Screenprinter Emma Reynolds talks about her work with Urabn Soup, which ran an exhibition for Totally Thames 2019 to raise money for the Air Ambulance.

Interview with Emma Reynolds, fine art art screenprinter

Could you first introduce yourself to the reader?

Hi, my name is Emma Reynolds and I am a fine art screenprinter who enjoys using new technology and traditional techniques to create unique prints with vibrant colours, often with expansive skies above London.

What happens at your organisation?

I am part of Urban Soup, who are a collective group of artists who love London, they come together each year for the 'A River Runs Through It' exhibition at the Oxo Gallery, to create a truly unique and unusual collection of modern art, inspired by the vibrant personality and ever-changing landscape of the world’s most dynamic city.

Tell us about your personal relationship with the Thames 

In preparation for our exhibition  'A River Runs Through it' at the Oxo Gallery, myself and artist Michael Wallner arranged a river trip along the Thames to catch the early morning light and see the city when it was quite and calm.  We set out at 4am in the dark and experienced the most incredible set of changing skies over the next two hours as the sun came up.

What’s your project for Totally Thames?

I created a set of 4 new screenprint editions for the exhibition, that showed our experience on the Thames. I tried to capture the light and atmosphere of the skies and the river with a mixture of abstract making and drawings based on the photographs we took on the morning of the trip.

What particularly inspired your project for this year’s festival?

I am interested in the places and moments where we can find calmness and space as balance to our busy urban lives. I love the Thames and the openness it enforces at the heart of a densely built city.

Summarise your artistic work this year in 5 words.

Focused, full-on, exciting, reflective, productive

What do you hope the impact of this project will be?

Throughout the course of the exhibition we are raising money for the incredible Air Ambulance charity, so alongside visitors enjoying the show, it would be great to earn as much as we can, by the sale of Tote bags, competition entries and percentage of sales. 

Do you have any advice for young people interested in getting involved in this art form?

Be prepared to work hard

Where can people find out more about your organisation and your event?

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