Interview with LoveJordan

"Often we walk along the shore at low tide and gently shuffle through all the fragments with our feet and try to imagine where it all came from."

Interview with LoveJordan

Could you first introduce yourself to the reader?

We are an art duo called LoveJordan (Jonny Love and Samuel Jordan), working in a large number of mediums, covering a vast amount of subjects. We are mostly known for white paper sculptures and our playful collection of mixed colours in vials. We have exhibited worldwide with sell out shows in New York and London.

Tell us about your personal relationship with the Thames River?

For us the Thames is the life blood of the city. Its the great divide between north and south and the great connection too. Often we walk along the shore at low tide and gently shuffle through all the fragments with our feet and try to imagine where it all came from. Sometimes we take the Thames Clipper boat into central London and we're reminded just how lucky we are to be here.

What’s your project for Totally Thames?

We are part of an art collective called Urban Soup and have taken over gallery @ oxo until the 8th September with 'A River Runs Through It', a show by five artists inspired by London. The show opens every day from 11am to 8pm and we will be raising money for the inspirational London's air ambulance charity.

What particularly inspired your project for this year’s festival?

This is the 4th 'A River Runs Through It' show at gallery @ oxo as we continue to be inspired by how amazing London is and we hope to continue producing the show in years to come. London is an ever evolving city and we are never left short of inspiration.

Summarise your artistic work this year in 5 words

Over-caffeinated, full, delicate, satisfying, sigh.

What do you hope the impact of this show will be?

Although I'm sure it is never far from anyones mind, I hope people who visit the show are reminded of how amazing London is. How fortunate it is to live here or visit and contribute to such and endlessly fascinating environment. 

Do you have any advice for young people interested in getting involved in art?

Persevere. Be passionate. Enjoy the success, laugh at 'failure'. It is a journey without a map.

Where can people find out more about your organisation and your event?

You can follow 'A River Runs Through It' on Instagram @ariverrunsthroughit2019 - All five artists post regularly and you can find out more about the charities we raise money for. 

Our personal website is or you can follow on Instagram @LoveJordanArt

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