Interview with Zach Zucker (a.k.a. Jack Tucker)

Zach Zucker is coming to the fringe as new character creation Jack Tucker, who will lampoon every bad joke and hack comic in the book.

Interview with Zach Zucker (a.k.a. Jack Tucker)

Could you first introduce yourself to the reader?

Hello England!!!!!! Hello, my name is Jackson Tucker. I am a stand-up comedian from New York ‘The Big Apple’ City and I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for forty-five years. I’ve been performing on the Upstate New York regional comedy circuit for a while, but I am ready now. My wife and I recently separated – but I’m still wearing the ring, so don’t tempt me ladies!!!! But in all seriousness, she did leave me and I haven’t seen my boy Joe for a few weeks.

How would you describe your show?

My show is like a hot dog. The meat is the comedy, and the bun is the audience. And the ketchup is the laughs!!! And the mustard too, those are more laughs!!! And if you’re lucky, you might just find some relish, which is REALLY BIG LAUGHS!!!! It’s just something you wanna eat, there’s something for everybody. I really recommend hot dogs.

Why do you want to perform at Edinburgh Festival Fringe?

You know, I only heard about it this year and I’ve never been to England before so I’m really excited about that!!!! I’ve never performed at an arts festival either. I’ve been around for a while but I usually perform at strip joints and titty bars, so this is new territory for me. I hear they’ve got a pretty decent burger out here and I have always wanted to eat a burger everywhere I go. So, I guess I’m pretty excited about that.

What differentiates the Fringe from other festivals?

The only festival I ever performed in was Happy Harry’s Ribfest in North Dakota back in 1994. I didn’t get a chance to perform on Happy Harry’s Humour Stage, but let me tell ya, it was one h*ck of a festival!! I never made it past the qualifying round, but I tried my absolute best to eat as many ribs as I could before passing out.

What first motivated you to enter the industry? Who were your inspirations?

Asking Jack how he got into the industry is like asking a tree how he got in the ground – he’s always been there. You know the old saying, if a tree makes a joke in the woods, does anybody make a sound? Yes, everybody laughs!!!! Really makes you think.

If you didn’t have your current job, what would you probably be doing?

I’d probably kill myself!!!!!!!!!!!

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

I have the only job in the world: Jack Tucker!!!!

What is your earliest childhood art memory?

My earliest childhood fart memory happened when I was nine years old at my Uncle Tony’s auto body shop in The Bronx. I’ll never forget this for as long as I live. This guy came in with a busted bumper and asked my Uncle Tony how much it would cost to patch it up. Uncle T looked at the guy, looked over at the car, looked at his buddies, looked back at the guy, and let out the loudest fart I ever heard in my life!!!!! Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked over at my uncle (Tony) and cracked up!! We all cracked up for a good 30-40 minutes. I still crack up just thinking about it!!!! Hahahahahhaha!!! Oh my goodness… I thought this question said FART memory!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! My mistake, sorry about that!!!!

Do you ever feel any pressure to be a social commentator, or constantly update material to respond to events?
I mean ya sure, I love sports commentary, but I never felt any pressure to become a sports commentator or nothin’. I was always a massive baseball, basketball and (American) football fan, but I never seriously considered getting involved. Look, if I’m bein’ honest, I think I could do a better job than most of these bozos out there, I just wouldn’t know where to start. What I’m sayin’ is, if you know anyone who’s looking, I’ll happily give it a go. Oh my goodness… I thought this question said SPORTS commentary!!!! I don’t even know what social commentary means Hahahahahahahaha!!!! My mistake, sorry about that.

Equally, do you think there has been a shift in public sentiment that has affected your work?

Careful, that’s treasonous. People love Americans. Always have, always will. You tryna start somethin’? I know some very powerful people who wouldn’t take kindly to that question. Let’s just say I could make avery quick callto my friends Mr. and Mr. Smith and Weston, and you wouldn’t even know they were there… You sees what I’m sayins? Don’t. Say. Nothin. Bad. About. America. Period.

Describe the last year in 5 words or less?

The Best Year Of My

If you could work with anybody, from any point in history, who would you pick and why?

Former New York Yankee and New York Mets outfielder, Daryl Strawberry. Here’s a guy that was able to play on two rival teams in the same city and bring the good people of New York together through America’s God-given game, baseball. You know, a lot of people said his career would never be the same after all those drug charges, but who’s laughing now? My audience, that’s who!!!!!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to take a show up to the fringe?

What’s a fringe?

When and where can people see your show?

Jack Tucker: Comedy Stand-up Hour is at Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 1st – 25th August (not 14th) in Underbelly Cowgate’s ‘Belly Button’ at 9:20pm. Tickets and more information: 

And where can people find, follow and like you online?
I don’t know what that means but please don’t follow me anywhere. There are enough people following me already and they are some real bad guys.

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