What goes on at... Resonate Hub, Notre Dame Catholic College?

We caught up with all of 2017-2018's Arts Award Good Practice Centres about what they do to make the Arts Award framework work so well for them.

What goes on at... Resonate Hub, Notre Dame Catholic College?

Could you first introduce yourselves for the reader

Arts Award Advisor and Assistant Head of Service, Pat Naylor.

Which Arts Award levels do you offer?

Resonate, Liverpool's Music Hub offers Discover Arts Award to schools as part of our whole class instrumental teaching programme in Year 4.

What about the Arts Award appeals to your students?

I think the most exciting thing for the students is they get to learn a musical instrument with their peers as a whole class, they attend a fabulous concert at the Philharmonic Hall and they get to perform the music they learn at the end of the programme to family and friends.


What Arts Award creative projects have your current and previous students done in groups?

As part of the whole class instrumental programme, the children get the opportunity to attend the Liverpool Philharmonic Schools' Concert. The schools receive a scheme of work related to the concert and children learn about the instruments of the orchestra before seeing and hearing them 'live'.

What kind of things have you got in mind or organised for your future Arts Award students?

Children are encouraged to attend their own school band or Resonate Music Studios ensembles. Schools are encouraged to continue their journey through the Arts Award by participating in Explore.

What are the greatest challenges for your students undertaking their Arts Awards?

The whole class instrumental classes arrange a concert performance to parents and to the rest of the school, friends and parents to share their music making. This takes a lot of bravery from Year 4s! They report that they are nervous before the performance and happy and proud at the end.


What is the greatest benefit in both yourself delivering the Arts Award and for your students in undertaking it?

Arts Award inspire children to continue to participate in musical activities once the whole class instrumental year has finished.

How do you think what your students have accomplished in their awards will help them moving forward?

Students develop life-long skills associated with being involved in music. As well as academic and social development, children gain improved confidence and self-esteem and a love of music.

What would you say to schools considering delivering the Arts Award?

Offering Arts Award can contribute to achieving Artsmark status for their school, which is a nationally recognised sign of commitment to high quality arts and cultural education.

Resonate contact each school we work in and explain how Arts Award Discover work. We explain that children and young people research the arts around them, find out about artists and their work and share their experiences with others, gaining a certificate at the end. This award provides a great introduction to the arts and to other Arts Award levels. Our tutors are able to work with their class teacher to support their pupils in working towards their Discover Arts Award.


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