Want my job? Karl Jobson, National Space Centre

Karl Jobson works for the National Space Centre. I found more about the NSC at the Museums and Heritage Show 2017.

Want my job? Karl Jobson, National Space Centre

Tell me about your job.

My name is Karl Jobson and I work for NSC Creative. We're based at the National Space Centre in Leicester and we're an immersive storytelling studio that specialises in science and communication.

What makes you interested in heritage? 

Essentially, what makes us interested in heritage is the history of human space flight and the history of technology used in that industry. I think what we're aware of is that, at the moment, there are a lot of people who are pushing for human exploration in space and we try and use the history of human space flight to inspire young people to get into STEM subjects, to be interested in space, and hopefully explore the universe!

What's been the most exciting project you've worked on?

I think the most exciting project has been "We Are Stars" – an internal film we made that has now been licenced to hundreds of planetariums all across the world. It's the story of how all humans are connected because we all come from the same molecular structures and how we're all built in the middle of stars. It's all very lovely we're made of the same stuff!

Do you have any upcoming events at NSC?

We always have tonnes of events on in terms of immersive cinema and immersive storytelling. Fallout UK is our well-known annual festival where we have creatives from around the world come in to show their films and content. We do a lot of events with our education team, talking people through the artefacts we have on site.

We've always got events on; we're always looking for new ways to engage people in space exploration, in space observation, and encourage people to get out there and look at the stars.

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