Interview with writer and arts marketer Phoebe Wood

Phoebe talks about her Brighton Fringe show, 'My First Time was in a Car Park'. 

Interview with writer and arts marketer Phoebe Wood

Could you please introduce yourself to the reader?

I’m Phoebe, a writer and arts marketer from London! 

Could you please tell us about your show? What should an audience expect? 

‘My First Time was in a Car Park’ is a devastating new play that investigates the psychological repercussions of abuse. The play is preceded by a series of short one-person vignettes on the theme: ‘Bodies by the Sea’.

This one-woman show invites the audience into the abstract space of Mira’s psyche. Through youthful questioning, ramblings and memories, Mira makes a confession.

In what seems like a peaceful town by the sea, Mira loses her virginity to her teacher in the school car park and from there her world begins to unravel.

"Because the world revolves around me and all I see is what I see.

This show is co-produced by Brighton’s multi-award-winning Broken Silence Theatre.

Why did you decide to submit a show to Brighton Fringe? Were there any considerations you had to make?

I decided to submit my show to Brighton Fringe because it’s the largest fringe festival in England! And Brighton has very good vibes. 

How did you know your show was ‘Fringe-ready’?

I’d put it on before in London and there was an appetite for more. 

What advice would you give to a young person who is also interested in taking a show to the Fringe?

You can put a play on ANYWHERE. In the park, if you wanted to! So do it. 

What has been your career path to this point?  Have you also worked outside the arts?

I’ve done everything from waitressing to environmental consultancy to teaching assisting, but now more settled in the arts and I love it. 

What’s great about your job?

It’s collaborative and I love working with other artists.

What are the bits you don’t like or find challenging?

The arts are often underfunded and it’s not always easy to find the time and resources.

What are the highlights of your career to date?

Taking my show ‘HUG THE BUNNY’ to Edinburgh Fringe (We were featured in DAZED!)

Who do you look at for inspiration?

Literally everyone. Sometimes I record strangers in public places… 

When is your show performing, and where can people find out more? 

My show is taking place on 5 & 6 May and 20 & 21st May:

Where can people find you online? 

@unzippedtheatre on all socials :) and for our website.

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