Voice Instaviews

Voice Instaviews

We're holding weekly live Q&A sessions with a whole variety of artists over on our Instagram channel

Upcoming schedule:

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Keighley Douglas - Creator and founder of Kids Black History Wednesday 27th October @ 13:00 pm https://www.youtube.com/c/KidsBlackHistory

We've chatted with a great array of artists so far. 

  • Discover what it's like to be a debut novelist with Serena Kaur
  • Catch up with Luke Wright in this interview
  • Find our chat with actress and podcaster Amy Worthington
  • Listen to our interview with directors and producers Darius Shu and Arron Blake.
  • Get the low-down on sound artistry with field recordist Benjamin Gale.
  • Chat with Artistic Directory of Entelechy Arts David Slater
  • Get the low-down on the Redt'Blue documentary with producer Jay Martin.
  • Find out more about producing a digital arts festival with Jose Reyes Canseco.
  • Explore podcasting with Creative Careers podcast host Ben Lintott
  • Get caught up on Greek theatre and mythology with Tamsin Shasha
  • Discover what it's like to choreograph for stage with Rhiannon Faith
  • Get a glimpse into digital theatre with Robbie Gordon
  • Contribute towards inclusivity in the arts with Michelle Sewell
  • Find out about lockdown poetry and projects with poet Jess Green.
  • Kickstart your writing and leadership projects with writer Shaniqua Benjamin.
  • Make art for your community with Abdul Shayek
  • Learn about giving a platform to queer voices with Gage Oxley
  • Share marginalised histories with Fiona Compton
  • Sing to raise awareness about the climate crisis with Ben See
  • Simeon Costello spoke about his short film 'Shuttlecock', which played at the BFI Film Festival
  • Get top tips on forming poetry from Instagram poet J R Darbon
  • Emi Tanmura spoke about her upcoming collection inspired by hidden homelessness. 
  • Get in the Christmas spirit with actor and artistic director Derek Murphy
  • Talking to Warren Reilly about his new project, Fashioning Our Future. 
  • Getting to know the musical prodigy that is Ava Klass.
  • Talking undiscovered music from Africa and across the diaspora with Ian Opolot from Ubunifu Space
  • The intertwining music and theatre with Pecho Mama
  • One of our own Elle Farrell-Kingsley talks to us about her many creative ventures. 
  • Get to know Scottish singer/songwriter Kerri Watt
  • Grace Harman talks about her amazing experiences and dream of becoming a professional musician. 
  • Join us in getting to know highly-acclaimed photographer Pixie Levinson. 
  • Enjoy a good old chat about all things TV with Sky TV Presenter Hayley Palmer
  • Talk music and staying motivated in lockdown with Ed Cosens
  • Award-winning filmmaker, Jay Martin shares his advice on how to get into the film industry. 
  • Bello Duo shares their story about their love of music, and love of one another. 
  • Award-winning filmmaker Luana Di Pasquale discusses the success of her short film, 'Keep Mum'. 
  • Actors Akash Prasad and Moses Alexander talk about their powerful short film, 'All The Same'.
  • Living our most Jellicle lives with the Jellicle Linus Karp himself. 
  • From a life of fame to the comedic spotlight, meet Tania Lacey, an Australian pioneer. 
  • Meet young director Robyn Horne who talks to us about her adaptation of Sam Steiner's Lemons. 
  • Our Assistant Editor Saskia Calliste takes the chair and speaks to our editor Tom Inniss about her new book, Hairvolution
  • Oriane Pick joins us to talk about all her upcoming projects, and how she effectively manages being both actor and producer. 
  • Talking all things music with Imanja Juke for Black History Month, who gives some great, uplifting advice for disabled artists. 
  • Idriss Assoumanou joined journo Hamish Gray to discuss his film career and Black History Month. 

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