How to Play Minecraft - a review by Mirel

This is my review of Minecraft and how to play it.

How to Play Minecraft - a review by Mirel

Minecraft is a game about creating worlds, building, survival, and adventure. There are 3 modes: Survival, Adventure and Hard-core. You can play the game on your laptop. You can play Bedrock edition (the old version) on XBOX. But the newest edition, Jarva, is only available on laptop.

I really like the game because there are lots of different scenes you can try – it changes every time you spawn a new character. There is a storyline, and the storyline is called the end poem, I think this is a really good story. You access this by going through the portal. I really like the fact that you can keep playing the game, even when you have completed the storyline! It changes every time you play. There are two characters, Steve and Alex, who I think are written well. I like to play Alex best, he is my favourite character and has been since I first got the game on the Bedrock edition version.

The music is calm, peaceful and relaxing. The music makes me feel happy and relaxed. The music makes the game more fun and enjoyable to play. The sound effects are incredibly good because if you have your volume to max you will be able to hear the sound effects much clearer. The sound effects help you to understand what is about to happen next in the story. For example, if there’s skeletons you’ll hear a rattling, or a moaning noise for Zombies. If a monster is in the water you will hear them splashing, so you know what is about to happen! The sound effects make the game really exciting!

The graphics are very good. They are hard to describe, they are not realistic, and they are not cartoon like. They use both bright colours and dark colours.

I would recommend this game to other people definitely!


  • Isabel Chammings

    On 28 July 2021, 13:12 Isabel Chammings commented:

    love this game. I hope you pass your award! 👍

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