Brighton Fringe Review: MOYA

A livestream to remember; MOYA presents untold talent, aptitude, and acrobatic finesse.

Brighton Fringe Review: MOYA

MOYA held movement in tandem with it’s soundtrack, pulling motion and stillness centre stage without compromising on it’s message of celebration. Each aspect contributed to a rhythmic ode to South Africa, focusing on central themes of community, culture, and care. 

The show consisted of a 50 minute selection of intricate acrobatics, dance, and circus. Every scene brought with it fresh talent and perspective, with each new environment calling for another facet of Zip Zap’s “social circus” disciplines. At once humorous and touching, MOYA combines trapeze skills with synchronised routines, and an excellent soundtrack — that Fela Kuti track fell on familiar ears.       

There was a precise use of light and set design, with each shot projecting a new and innovative story spanning sand, sea, and stage, greenery, forest, and roadside. MOYA collected narratives from each performer, capturing a tale of connectivity and well executed acrobatics. 

This performance was graceful, complex, composed, and considered. Every flip, twist, motion and pose presented a unique approach to sound and music, and will be enjoyed by many. Get your tickets here.

Header Image Credit: Dmitry Arslanov


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