I Know the Truth

'Who on Earth will stay true to us now?'

I Know the Truth

'I Know the Truth', a short film written and performed by Anne Rabbitt, was born out of a cancelled Edinburgh Fringe Festival performance and thus was reinvented into an intriguing six-minute film. Her comedic previous film, 'Bookshelf Ballad' featured in Season 1 and remains available to view online too.

Inspired by a short original poem by Marina Tsvetaeva the delivery and tone of Rabbitt's performance in ‘I Know the Truth’ retains that calming and poetic beat. The words and questions are complemented by idyllic scenic views, capturing the beauty of our planet Earth, untarnished by the destruction of global warming or modern destruction. When combined with Rabbitt's calm delivery, observing the vibrant colours of our trees and soothing seas almost feels like a meditation. In turn, the elongation of vowels and onomatopoeia only adds to this meditative experience, Through a chaotic and uncertain time, Rabbit's film feels like a calm escape from the madness of our modern world.

Questions are posed, discussed and contemplated as Rabbit ponders the future world we may soon be entering into, 'who on Earth will stay true to us now?'. The vibrant images become sepia-coloured and natural sites soon begin to diminish, with the creative use of editing to highlight time passing. Yet, despite this passing of time, questions remain unanswered. 

At the heart of 'I Know the Truth' is the purity of poetry, and Rabbit's film successfully captures the gift of time that the pandemic has provided us with, and highlights our need to take in our beautiful natural world which surrounds us. The film reflects on our natural world and questions what it will become.

‘I Know the Truth’ is available to view as part of Season 2 of [email protected].

Season 2 of [email protected] is jam-packed with over fifty pieces covering the theatre, film, music, comedy and more. All pieces were conceived and created in lockdown and can be viewed until 31 January 2021 from the comfort of your own living room.


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