After Hours Cabaret Club

A classic Fringe experience filled with the weird and wonderful…and even more weird

After Hours Cabaret Club

Talented cabaret performer Tash York (from Adulting) is the emcee of this variety show featuring the bizarre and the brilliant. As she puts it, the line-up consists of all of the acts that are too naked or too crazy to be in any other variety show. Because remember: anything goes After Hours…

A soulful rendition of Guns N’ Roses Welcome to the Jungle by York and the excellent live band starts the night off on a high, before the guest performers take to the stage. Kelly Ann Doll kicks off with a hilarious drunken burlesque performance, before Burlesque Hall of Fame competitor Miss Bettie Bombshell shows exactly why she’s one of the best-known and best-loved burlesque performers on the scene. Her finesse and flair are flawless, and she is sassy and sophisticated in equal measure.

Samora Squid strays away from burlesque to show off his hyper-mobility, and the ways in which he contorts his body will probably make you feel slightly nauseous, but you’ll love it all the same. Luke Hubbard, from Briefs: Close Encounters, performs feats of strength and flexibility in his gymnastics routine that will leave you open-mouthed with awe, and Clara Cupcake’s cutesy burlesque hula-hoop act will make you laugh uncontrollably.

Frankie Valentine’s burlesque performance is sexy, powerful and wonderfully feminist, and Bella Louche has a trick up her sleeve in her burlesque acts that must be seen to be believed. And trust me, you want to see this!

With clothes flying into the audience at a rapid rate and more than one lap dance for a lucky audience member, there’s so much to love - and so much to gasp at - in this fun, freaky show. The After Hours band’s wonderful live music and York's powerful vocals and hilarious commentary create a lively and buzzing atmosphere that will stay with you long after the show ends. This is what Fringe is about; don’t miss this one.

After Hours Cabaret Club is on at 22:35 at Underbelly, Bristo Square until August 25th. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the EdFringe website.

Check out my interview with Tash York here


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