The Musical Revue

An entertaining hour that gives you the insight to life at the fringe! Well worth seeing for both the enjoyment and understanding of what it’s like to bring a show to Edinburgh.

The Musical Revue

You come down the steps into a really nice studio space. There’s a keyboard and drum kit set up, and a few boxes of props. These are what drive the show - some fab live music, ingenious costume changes and playful props. From the get go you understand this is going to be a fun show, all three performers work brilliantly together, the timing is impeccable and the teamwork shines through.  

Some of the songs appear to challenge the singers, and not everything is really written in their range. Luckily there’s no specific squirming moments, and other songs are more suited to them in the show. One of my personal favourites was a Hamilton inspired rap - they did it very well. They were certainly talented performers who could carry a song and an act at the same time, with fantastic harmonies. There even seemed to be some mic issues in this show, but the performers powered through and belted out over the music regardless - I think some people may not have even noticed! A true mark of a professional carrying on.

The choreography is inventive and there’s a good thread across the show. They cover tips to survive, where to eat and drink, ways to deal with the flyerers, how to work through in-company relationships and so much more. There was a chance for the audience to exchange flyers - for their own shows or ones they’d been given - and some direct audience interaction for stories and comic effect.

The show is supported by some good subtle lighting changes that help convey the atmosphere of particular scenes, and you can see the cast are simply having fun. I’m pretty sure some ad-libbing happened too.

Let’s summarise the show with their own line - 'Edfringe is an addiction’. There were some standing ovations at the end and every audience member was smiling. As I exited the show, comments from the audience included ‘that was so accurate’ and ‘I thoroughly enjoyed that’. I agree.

C too @ 21:25

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