A flawless performance by an incredible choir


The choir open with an unexpected medley of current pop hits, including Cheap Thrills and Shape of You, showing from the outset their vast range and stunning harmonies. These are only more pronounced in the following traditional Church hymn, which is sung beautifully. They bring smiles to everyone’s faces with a fun ABBA arrangement and a ghost-related medley, in which the audience revel in being able to join in shouting ‘Ghostbusters!’.

A mash-up of songs from The Beatles and a Les Misérables medley prove there’s something for everyone in this glorious concert, and a beautiful rendition of a Danish song called ‘Raindrops’ highlights the coordination and perfect timing of each section of the choir. A weather-related medley featuring the classics Summertime, Feeling Good and Fever, goes down a storm (no pun intended), and the final medley of favourite 80's hits is a triumphant end to a show that feels far too short.

The rise and fall in volume is one of the most stunning aspects of the performance - their quiet moments are touching, and their crescendos are absolutely breathtaking. I had goosebumps for most of the show, and the unanimous standing ovation they received at the end went on longer than almost any I’ve experienced, and deservedly so. They are faultless.

Pitchcraft  perform for one night only at the Edinburgh Fringe. For more information on the choir, visit their website


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