Joshua Watson Bronze Arts Award -Skill Sharing

Joshua says:

I described and showed Evie the exact way  to play a short sequence so that we could all improvise together (with William too) on our Bronze Arts Awards Course at The Womack-Banning Piano Academy.

Joshua Watson Bronze Arts Award -Skill Sharing

c36c0e6d9bdb446cd456f048c269cdb210673b8c.jpegShowing Evie how to improvise 

8b5cb2dfd7d2b3e997e1f21689e01cfd0528dc1b.jpegWriting about our skill sharing experiences  Skill Improvising with Evie-Skill Sharing

As Evie had not improvised before this was a new skill for her and so I had to break the sequence down into small sections until she understood the rhythm and melody and then later on all three of us, me William and Evie set up a jazz type improvisation sequence.  It took Evie a while to feel confident with improvising but now this a skill she can try to develop.

Header Image Credit: The Womack-Banning Piano Academy

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Lorraine Banning

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  • Kayt Button

    On 26 July 2018, 10:58 Kayt Button commented:

    As a musician improvisation is a great skill to have, and such a nice thing to do for Bronze arts award. I hope your confidence increased and you carry on learning. Keep up the good work all of you!

  • Lorraine Banning

    On 26 July 2018, 13:51 Lorraine Banning commented:

    Thanks kayt! Josh says he has learned a lot from demonstrating his skills, William didn’t realise he was quite so good at this and Evie is feeling much braver about trying improvisation. It was a great choice of skill for Josh to share and he says it has increased his confidence in his own abilities and in feeling that improvisation is just as valuable as playing from the score.

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