Think Outside the Box

"Think Outside the Box" is a very common expression which The Creative Theatre Company unpick and turn on its head.

Think Outside the Box

At least once in our lives, we are told to 'think outside the box' - to think creatively. That is all well and good, but surely we still need the logic and knowledge we have from inside our box?

This piece of theatre follows three girls living inside their own literal and metaphorical boxes. One of the girls is very scientific, taking fact as fact and recognising the worst the outside has to offer whilst the other two girls are eager, although still apprehensive, to challenge 'fact', think a bit creatively and explore life outside of the box.

The piece showed how mundane life can be if you just stay in your safe box, and don't take any risks or think more creatively. There was a lot of repetition and dance routines to very steady beats. I know they did this to show the dullness of living in this way but I felt as an audience member quite bored at times, wondering how much longer certain bits would go on for. I think they could have done this in a different way to vary the repetition, perhaps 'fast-forwarding' in some way or starting quick and slowing down afterwards. 

The set was, to me, simple yet effective. There were three boxes side by side made out of cardboard and PVC pipes, each covered in pictures that show their diverse interests and personalities. I loved how the characterisation was reflected in these pictures in the set. 

The girls had really good facial expressions and remained in character the whole time, even when they were not saying anything. They had a good sense of comedic timing and felt larger-than-life. I thought they did an excellent job as actors but, as mentioned above, the choreography, although in sync, could have benefitted with some more direction. 

As a whole, the idea was fantastic and I did laugh quite a bit. With a bit more experience and possibly slightly different direction, this piece could be even really great!


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