100 Ways to Tie a Shoe-Lace

A bizarre, funny and creative method of storytelling, allowing the audience inside the main character’s head as she comes to terms with an accident.

100 Ways to Tie a Shoe-Lace

This show was not at all what I expected, but blended physical theatre, songs and comedy with an important and potentially difficult-to-approach storyline, making for a funny and totally whacky hour which everyone enjoyed watching. Despite disruptions from some very loud construction work that seemed to be happening right against the venue wall, the cast were focused and committed from start to finish to deliver a fun and captivating piece of theatre.

The show was full of fun and laughter and it was easy to see the company were having a great time. All of the acting was good and they worked incredibly well as a company - they were always perfectly in sync which was an important part of the image of the show. The set - three boxes - were used effectively without being overused, and aided at all times in telling the story.

The lighting was incredibly effective in aiding the switch between imagination and reality, and the sound and music definitely added to the humour. The staging was precise, clever and very well thought out, with the company playing many parts and using props to effectively progress the story. The physical theatre aspect was particularly enjoyable and was executed well.

A story that could simply have been told through a straight theatre piece or even one-woman show was told in a fun and exciting way, affording the audience breaks of fun and laughter amidst the sadder and more serious sections of the show.

Overall a very enjoyable and funny show. I would definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for a laugh.

100 Ways to Tie a Shoe-Lace is on at 15:00 until Monday 7th May at The Warren: The Blockhouse. Find more information and book tickets by clicking here.


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