Sheffield Chinese New Year Show

I went to the show to hear live examples of Chinese celebration music and watch how music is used to enhance dancing. 

Sheffield Chinese New Year Show

The Chinese show was split into 2 sections, the pre-show, which was more informal and ran alongside workshops for children, and the show itself.

The pre-show, as I said above was informal and free for cost. The were several workshops running alongside, including writing Chinese characters, practising using Chopsticks, and symmetrical paper cutting. The acts in the show tended to be dance or song.

The show itself was more formal, taking place in the main room of the Town Hall. There were multiple acts, kind of like a circus and most of them included acrobatics or dancing. In between each act they told us a bit about the days of the Chinese New Year celebration. The music was a mix between traditional and modern.

Here is a list of the performances:

The Pre-Show:

  • Hello New Year Dance by Star Mandarin School

  • Wu style Tai Chi by Yiyuan

  • Saxophone Playing by Jiangnan

  • Dance by Danniel Walsh

  • On Top of the Eastern Mountain Song by Yu Qiming

  • Lock Dance by Meow

  • Farewell My Love Dance by Chu Xue

  • New House of Flying Daggers on Pipa by Ma Wei

  • Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin by Iris Mateev

  • Pull Silk Drama Song by Miao Ling

  • 16 Form Tai Chi by Iris Mateev

  • The Love Of Nature Tibetan Dance by Gong Wa and La Mu Cuo

  • Wings You Are The Hero by Double Fingering Guitarists

  • Tai Chi Rouliball by Wang Xuan Xuan 

The Show:

  • Lion Dance by Sheffield Lion Dance Team

  • Watching a Play by Wanlin Academy Children

  • Body Sculpture by Zhao Teng and Zhang Jun

  • Girls Contortion by Jin Meng et al

  • Waterside Beauties by Wanlin Academy Dance Troupe

  • Dai Girls on a Rainy Day by Wanlin Academy Children

  • Hat Juggling by Zhang Jun et al

  • Rolling Plates by Ren Xiaoying et al

  • Wild Geese by Wanlin Academy Dance Troupe

  • Hand Juggling by Zhang Jun et al

  • Diablo by Ren Xiaoying et al

  • Blissful Memories by Wanlin Academy Dance Troupe

  • Face Changing by Zhuo Yu-gang

Of the two shows, I liked the main show best. The acts were amazing and I was impressed with how even when it went wrong the other artist compensated for it. My favorite act was Body Sculpture because of the great contortion the men did. At the shows I heard more examples of the music and I will use those to make ideas for my composition.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience because it showed me cultural dances and music that I otherwise wouldn’t have experienced first-hand.  


  • Jason Lam

    On 7 March 2018, 09:53 Jason Lam commented:

    Nice you went to the Chinese Near Year show. Hope you had a good time there.

  • Carol Leach

    On 15 July 2018, 05:43 Carol Leach commented:

    What a very detailed and interesting review, well done Amelia

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