Harriet Kemsley: Bad at Doing

Good at drinking, bad at dancing

Harriet Kemsley: Bad at Doing

Harriet Kemsley might struggle with dyspraxia, a Development Coordination Disorder but she has no problem entertaining her audience who only just manage to stay upright because of all the laughter. Kemsley tops the show explaining dyspraxia, a Latinate word, which translates as 'bad at doing'. Symptoms of the disorder include poor coordination often affecting speech and motion, difficulty with processing and memory function, slow speed and inadequate sense of direction. Whilst those things may apply to her gross and fine motor skills, her proper belly-laugh humour was sharp and relatable in a real life context, whether you're dyspraxic or not.

Engaging the audience on multiple levels Kemsley's balance of authenticity, comedy, and loveable tragedy is genius, almost as genius as her suggestion of pizza in the bath. Featuring hilarious videos of her drunk that no one wants to miss, (read: husband embarrassingly films emotional, clumsy, comedian wife), line dancing and the 'clap test' this show is pure fun.

It is clear to see why she supported big names like Katherine Ryan and Isy Suttie on tour as is her wit and intelligence as a comedian. Kemsley is going places, so go and see her at the Fringe before you're stuck in an online queue for hours in order to get tickets.

Her potential is evident and whilst her content was good and worked brilliantly with her personal character I'd be interested to see what she does with more universally relatable material as a couple of audience members didn't seem too on board. The audience was undeservedly small and with the show being Pay What You Want I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a fun evening with a lovable, clumsy comic – you have nothing to lose.

For tickets and further information visit the Fringe website.


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