​Dane Baptiste: G.O.D. (Gold. Oil. Drugs.)

Knowledge is power

​Dane Baptiste: G.O.D. (Gold. Oil. Drugs.)

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and with a show titled G.O.D Dane Baptiste combines the social, the economic, faith and fact to entertain and enlighten. Drawing from gold, oil and drugs and their surrounding connotations Baptiste addresses each in turn and their relation to overall power, his subsequent unravelling and commentary of each is contemporary and intelligent.

The comedian's ability to read the audience is second to none, his set is fast paced and with each introduction of new material everything is refreshed and fiercely funny. Baptiste's animated engagement with current affairs and evident horror at the apathetic status quo is exciting and on one level or another appeals to everyone who listens and laughs with sincerity and intent. His conviction and confidence to articulate complex concepts whilst interacting with the audience on an exceptionally funny level is what makes G.O.D so effective.

With the subtext of the show as power, much of the content highlighting insidious behaviours or money driven concepts were contrasted with the power of pussy. He explained his usage of the term as some see it as derogatory, but mentioned the reclamation of former pejorative terms for the vagina, he turned 'pussy' into a positive acronym too, (but you'll have to go and see the show to find out what). Baptiste spoke at some length both implicitly and more obviously about the oppression of women and the discrepancies between the limited power they're often given compared to the power they hold, using religion, money and music as examples. In line with the theme of the show, pussy power was underscored, he drew attention to women as life creators, the vagina as the gateway from which we all came.

The way he coaxed humour from such serious and contentious topics, primarily through fact as opposed to narrative was impressive. We need comedians like Dane Baptiste, filtering through the white noise to re-present societal failings utilising an accessible, funny and interesting approach.

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