Kids with Beards: Fandango

Eurovision, questionable shadow puppets, and bus-stop encounters. This sketch comedy has it all.

Kids with Beards: Fandango

I am no expert regarding sketch comedy and haven't seen a lot of pieces. However, after this performance I am desperate to see more of it. Sometimes I feel with a piece of comedy, jokes run on for far too long. Kids with Beards, the company who created this piece, timed the scenes perfectly. None of the jokes over-ran or were used to excess.

There was jokes for every person in the audience from innuendos to 'dad-jokes' to hyperbole. Everyone in the audience was laughing and not just a slight giggle here or there, but consistently. There were even times when the audience was actively involved in a few of the different sketches. I won't talk more about this because the joy is in the surprise.

The writing was one of the best parts about it. It was witty, clever, and a work of genius. The actors in the piece were completely committed to the sketches, and every character they portrayed, even when things didn't go completely to plan - which actually made it better in areas!

As a whole, the comedic timing was spot on and there was no sketch that felt out of place or weaker than the others. The show was well-written and rehearsed enough to be slick but not too much that it became clinical and no longer funny.


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 1 June 2017, 10:02 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    I wish I saw this at Brighton...

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