Alex Kealy - Too Early To Say

Entertaining and current, Too Early To Say is an hour of fun. Take a break from worrying about the political events in the world and watch as Alex Kealy cleverly lightens the situation whilst making some very valid points!

Alex Kealy - Too Early To Say

Kealy managed to discuss quite heavy political issues in a light way, bringing in modern media references to back up his points and really engage with the audience. His natural likeability shines through and his relatively humble approach to humour creates a great rapport with the audience.

Although it was clear he was quite nervous, expecting a smaller audience at a 12 pm comedy show compared to the full room he got, he managed to keep us giggling and laughing for his set. Even when his structure fell apart slightly, he had the comedic skill to address it and make it funny, assuring the audience stayed laughing with him.

Unfortunately, some of the jokes were following a video set-up playing on a small laptop screen making it hard for the audience further back to see what was going on. However, this would easily be fixed with a little technical assistance next time.

I so very much wanted to give this comedy show 4 stars and it was almost there! With some more preparation and structure it will easily achieve a higher rating. A young comic, Kealy is still treading the waters to find the style that works best for him. However, he is clearly on the right tracks and with some fine tuning this show will easily reach it's potential.


Grace McCabe

Grace McCabe Contributor

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 22 May 2017, 10:52 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    It isn't easy for any young artist entering the industry - they have to find their footing and gain an audience first of all, which is difficult considering there are a lot of big names overtaking everything.

  • Grace McCabe

    On 22 May 2017, 14:12 Grace McCabe Contributor commented:

    Definitely, and Alex was great with his audience! He totally acknowledged in a fun jokey way if anything hadn't landed and it was great to see such a humble comedian with all the people around who think they are funny and aren't. Once he gets his confidence to the same level as his jokes he will fly through :)

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